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May 2, 2008

I checked this website too. It is called Surf Camp – Learn it the right way. If you live on the east coast and in North Carolina, here is a great idea for a summer camp. Most kids these days are skateboarding. Why not teach them the sport that started it all? Surfing at Surf Camp. I used to live on the coast in Corpus Christi. I attempted a few times to surf but didn’t have much luck. I wish that we had something like this. I was already a strong swimmer. Surf Camp has classes for kids, teens, adults and women’s camps. Surf Camp has certification classes in surf instructor, CPR/first aid, ocean safety and lifeguard protection. Surf Camp is big into safety as well. The Surf Camp website has all kinds of information on rip currents, UV protection, and beach safety. They also have a store that helps to you to accessorize your adventure in the Atlantic ocean. They also have t shirts and other gear to have a great memory. So why not go surfing? Teens would love to go to this kind of teen summer camp. Teach your kids to do it right and safely. Have them take surfing lessons . North Carolina is also a beautiful state in which to learn. The Surf Camp website is also very professionally done with so much information. You can’t lose for looking into this website and this type of summer camp. I wish I could give this kind of opportunity to my children. I was raised on the Texas coast line. It is a part of them as it is me. They also have overnight facilities to allow for overight camp. They have group surf lessons, individual surf lessons, allow for school groups, weekend clinics and so much more. Try out Surf Camp. Just hit the link. SURF’S UP DUDE!!!!!!

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