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May 13, 2008

Everyone has a cell phone these days. Everyone needs a cell phone these days honestly. I know that I do. I live so far out in the country that its more reliable than our landline. Okay yea I know get off the internet and then your landline would work. I tell all my friends to email me to get me off the puter. I discovered this website called has all the major carriers to help you select the best phone service for you. I know that Sprint works for us right now. Best has the best cell phone deals.

Sprint Instinct phone

With you can check with all of the carriers to help you. even has a blog that answers any questions that you as the customer might have. blog even shows which of the cellphone companies are offering which phones for free.

free phone offers

If you are looking for a family talk plan, then BestinCellphones can help with that as well.

family phone plans

One of the reasons why I volunteered for this particular ad is that I worked for AT&T as a call center representative. I like that this website shows you all the ads that are offering free phones. offer the best cell phone deals for all the companies. They also tell you whether or not a cell phone company works in your area.

If you like blue tooth capability, they have many offers from all of the carriers. Check these out here (TMobile), here (AT&T), and here (Verizon). If you want a Blackjack, AT&T has one that is free with $50.00 cash back. This is the tip of the iceberg.

If you are needing the family talk plans just hit this link for for their family plan options. All of the major carriers are offering their best cell phone deals on this site. I say shop here first before you shop anywhere else to see what is being offered.

best cell phone deals