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May 8, 2008

Here is your chance to vote in the semi finalist gallery for the “Transform Your Home with Tanya Memme” contest. This was a contest for the new Renuzit Triscent product that is called Triscents. There are ten finalists which you can view in the semi finalist gallery. The winner with the most voites will get a $20,000 home makeover with Tanya Memme. Tanya Memme is the host of the A&E’s show, “Sell This House.”
Make sure that you visit the semi finalist gallery and vote for your favorite.

My favorite one is this one:

Expecting our first child, we were ready to find a place of our own to raise our family. I fell in love with the house when I first saw it, but the smell was and still is overwhelming. The previous owner had a cat and the cat left stains and its odor everywhere. We have used every odor cleanser and carpet cleaner possible to remove the smell and odor but no luck. Even professional cleaning hasn’t worked. We have began to pull up the carpet to rid the smell but we can only do one room at a time and have very little time and money to do so with the adjustments of having the little one and full time work. We have not been able to decorate because of this smell and carpet. We try to avoid company because we are embarrassed of the smell. When they do come over, we dump carpet freshener on the floor, spray freshener, open the windows and doors, and try to ignore it. We need Renuitz help to rid us not only of the atrocious smell and hideous carpet but to allow us to concentrate on other less evasive projects like decorating and possibly having people over for our house warming party that we have been trying to avoid. PLEASE help us make this litter box we call a house, a home.

The reason why I chose this one is because they have a new baby. They are tight on funds. Cat smells are horrible to get rid of. I know because I have several of them. I like helping new families get a good start in life.

So go to the Semi finalist gallery and make your selection. It will help one family get a new lease on their home. They will have a professional helping them to get their home designed. Voting goes until June 7, 2008. So time is awasting. Get to the semi finalist gallery and make your vote count. Remember you can vote once a day until June 7.

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