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May 4, 2008

I am not all that techno savvie. I am, however, learning fast and furious. Have you ever wanted to remote access your computer from out of town? Did you ever need to access a picture that you wanted to show family and friends but you weren’t at home? has a new program that allows you to do this safely and securely. offers a thirty day free home trial.’s monthly services are 4.95 for one computer and 9.95 for three computers. You can install it on the family computer and the business computer. You can get information that you need within a few moments. You can access family pics to show your friends at work. So if you have a work project that you need to complete at home, you can access with this type of program. This is a fabulous way for small businesses to increase productivity. allows you to do team meetings and all kinds of other really neat stuff. Click the link if you want more information

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