Hindsight is 20/20. I purchased glasses a few months ago. I wish that I had known about Zenni Optical. I could have saved serious money. Evidently Zenni Optical has even been on the radio on the Clark Howard Show. He, as a consumer advocate, recommended them for those in the need of eyeglasses. They even have been on Fox News.

School is coming up. I know many parents who have to worry about this. With gas and food prices shooting through the roof, everyone especially parents need a way to cut their expenses. Zenni Optical can help these parents save money on eyeglasses. You can get single vision, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglass lens, bifocal lens, and progressive lens.


Zenni Optical manufactures their own eyeglass frames. This cuts out the middleman and advertising costs. It saves the parent money on eyeglass frames. Their eyeglass frames start out at $8.00. I know that I bought two pairs for $100.00. I wish I had seen their ad a long time ago. It would have save me money.

So check them out and get your eyesite to 20/20 before you make the mistake that I did.

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