I admit it. The idea of shooting something or someone with a paint gun gives me thrills. I guess its the old Army dog in me. The war games that we played in training were a blast. We didn’t have paintguns but we shot blanks. I would have so loved to set up a booby bomb paintball mine or throw a paint ball grenade. I live so far out in the middle of nowhere that hubby and I could have a blast playing tactical games with each other. Oh the people I could scare with those. Then have them covered in pink paint. I love the various bright hot colors of the paintballs. I think I may save money up for a family set of these paint ball guns sets.

BT Paintball

Oh my gosh, chasing my kids around the yard. I found pntball.com. You have got to check it out. They have all the gear from paint balls to the handguns. Pntball.com has the guns, masks, clothing and the various upgrades. They even have complete packages so that you can get started as soon as you receive it.



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