There is a new registry out there. Its called Iwasadopted.com. You can register for free. If you want to join, it is $9.99 per month. With that membership you get to view others profiles. You can set up as many different searches for siblings and parents as you want with that membership. It is a real easy layout and maneuverability of the website. It is set up to do the searching for you. It comes out with a list of possibles.

I did however have a disagreement with the owner. She did resolve it quickly, fairly, and appropriately. It is a easy on the eyes looking website. It covers many countries as well. So if you are adopted in Russia but live in the United States, the site allows you to make those extended searches.

It currently has had over 2,628 registrations in this month alone. When I initially signed up, it had close to two thousand registrations. So it is the next coming registry. If you are a search angel for the United States, this membership is a must have. It allows you to make monthly payments unlike others that expect you to pay in advance.

So Check them out. If you can register at Iwasadopted.com.


One Response to “A NEW REGISTRY”

  1. Dawn & Joe DeLorenzo Says:

    That is pretty expensive! Isn’t there are free website for searching? :)Dawn

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