Its getting tougher and tougher to manage finances. Do you know what your BillsIQ is? BillsIQ has a quiz that will help you get your answer. I am almost afraid to look at mine. I am pretty sure mine is terrible. It is horrible. Its like 68. You can take the BillsIQ quiz at this link. I did find out my credit score from the BillsIQ quiz and that is good for anyone to know. I also got a copy of my credit report courtesy of BillsIQ. Everyone should get a copy of that on at least a yearly basis.


Part of my problem is that I live forty miles from any decent big town. Most companies in those towns don’t have good paying jobs. Its not worth it financially for me to work. Gas prices are catching up with me. I have also decided to home school my children. I am lucky if I can make four to five hundred dollars in a month right now. I expect that to increase. If you are however looking to get your debts under control, BillsIQ can help you do that. If you are looking for ways to save for the future or improve your credit score, give BillsIQ a look see.


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