They could not have picked a better person to do the ad for C’elle. I am not as fluent in this subject as a I am adoption. I know my way around it. About four to five months ago, I went and spoke with my state representative. He is a former cowboy on the ranch that my family and I live on. Believe me, I am going to use that advantage. He is really a wonderful man anyway. Even though I vote liberally, I will vote for him again.

He and I got into a discussion about stem cell research after we discussed adoptee access. There is plan in the works to make egg and sperm donation into organ donation. In other words, no more paying of egg and sperm donors. He and millions of other Americans suffer from a disease that really requires stem cell research. He said that its said that Americans have to go to another country to get proper treatment for their illness.

I have always kept the topic in the back of my mind. Well C’elle has come up with a new way to harvest stem cells. I know its gross but they have found new technology in gathering stem cells from menstrual blood. It was previously thought that this was too dirty. C’elle has got the technology. Women can know store their own stem cells with cryogenics for their children and parents to use for their own health needs.

So if you are interested in this kind of technology and you don’t want to harm future embryos then check out C’elle.


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