I had done TriScents ads previously when they were wanting people to vote on the contestants. They are offering free samples to bloggers. I just love that. I signed up for it. I waited a few days and I got their product along with the home makover tips.

I have been wanting to redo my livingroom for quite some time. Its just so bland. I haven’t gotten around to really doing anything with it since we moved in. That was over four years ago. I put aside some money to make changes. I want to bring in my futon with a new mattress for it. I also want to go get some canvas to paint to add a new flair to the floor. I went and refinished an older coffee table. I glued in cowboy cartoons in the center of it, trimmed it out with molding, and stained it all in an oak stain. I would have painted but we have wood paneling in that part of the house. I did incorporate the colors of the paneling with the rest of the furniture. I put the TriScents in there to make the room smell fresh. I am really happy with the advice of Tanya Memme and the smell of TriScents.

You too can get coupons for this product. It smells fantastic. You can go to TriScents yourself by clicking here to get to the link for the coupon. If you voted in this contest, check out to see if your favorite contestant has made it to the semi finals. Mine did. Resunda H. from Bellville, Il got my vote.



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