I don’t think so. LASIK in my mind is correcting one’s eyesight. It is interesting that so many sports celebrities have done it though. Tiger Woods has even had it done as well as many other golfers.

I considered it a few years ago but couldn’t afford it. It was still relatively new in the area that I lived in. I did have fellow coworkers who did do it. They enjoyed the increased eyesight. They also enjoyed the freedom from contacts and eyeglasses. I am now curious again about LASIK. My eyesight has worsened over the years. I really need bifocals. I can see great up close but distances are a major issue for me. Keep in mind not everyone is eligible for this surgery.

There are several types of LASIK surgery. They use the basic LASIK surgery, custom wavefront LASIK, Interlase Blade Free LASIK, NearVision CK, PRK, LASEK, & Epi LASIK. I never realized how much the technology has changed over the years.

So if you are in California and looking into LASIK surgery to correct your vision, you might want to check out The Laservue doctors have financing options available. These Laserview doctors are certified by Their senior doctors have performed over 25,000 lasik surgeries. So give them a call if you are considering this type of surgery.

Lasik in San Francisco


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