Do you ever worry about shopping online? Do you trust the sites that you visit? Would you like to protect yourself from identity theft? Shop Shield is the way to go. They monitor your address, credit cards, bank accounts, email address and your login information. They protect your accounts when you are shopping online. Shop Shield keeps hackers and such from getting your information to use and abuse. Their identity theft protection is the best on the market.

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ShopShield has a 100% guarantee. Their service protects customers in several ways:

  1. Your information is stored in a fortress of security systems
  2. All of a customer’s information is broken down into indecipherable code and then encrypted.
  3. All encrypted data is then moved into separate data storage areas.
  4. Every transaction is monitored and stored at a security level that exceeds most banking institutions.
  5. All information is secured in a system that mirrors the Department of Defense security systems.
  6. ShopShield reimburses up to $10,000 above and beyond what your bank card or credit company provides.
  7. ShopShield provides complete victim reimbursement services free of charge.

ShopShield has the technology to protect you while you shop online. So check them out and get yourself protected.

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Sponsored by Shop Shield®


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