I know several bloggers have Macs to use as their gateway into the blogging world. has a way for you to back up your Mac. is the leading source for online backup, storage, and sharing service for consumers and small businesses. They perform this service quicker than most other backup services in the country. has recently added this service for Mac users. for Mac users includes these key features:

  1. Incremental backups
  2. Data compression
  3. Enhanced security
  4. Snapshots
  5. Provisions to perform interactive backups/restores or you can schedule backups for a future date.
  6. All of this is through web based access.
  7. They also offer an automatic shutdown once your Mac system has been backed up.

I have been thinking that for my old computer this might be a good idea as well. It sure would be easier than trying to back up my computer files to a disk. Sometimes my computer doesn’t like the discs that I buy. They also have a plugin for Mac users to get that integrates with the Mac finder that allows you easier and faster access to your Mac data and backup.

So check out for all your Mac needs. I may not have a Mac but they have backup services for me as well. So I will be looking more into them.

IBackup Online Backup


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