Are you a nurse or in the medical field? Do you need medical scrubs? Are you like me where these things just plain comfortable? Do you like to wear these hospital gowns just around the house? I have been known to wear hospital gowns on occasion just around the house. Healing Threads by Spirited Sisters is the place for you. They have some really cool gowns that work well for both patients and medical personnel. All of Spirited Sisters hospital gowns are made with StainSmart fabric.

These hospital gowns are not your standard operating hospital gowns. They come with loads of special features that you just don’t see in the hospital. Spirited Sisters really have it down for comfort and easy access. If you are a breast feeding mother, the front access panels come down to allow you to breast feed your child. They have a stylish front. They have easy access in the back to allow the doctor or medical staff to check the breathing of the patient. Why couldn’t they have these when I was at the hospital. These look really cool and comfortable. Spirited Sisters has made sure that they come in all kinds of stylish colors. They have pockets. Their pants are all pull away for emergency access. Sorry I think Spirited Sisters and Healing Threads rocks. These hospital gowns look terrific.

Check out this hospital gown. It just looks so rich and comfortable. You really need to check out Spirited Sister’s Healing Threads. I want one to lounge around here at the ranch.


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