My husband and I have been looking to revamp our internet service. He has the local provider which is SRC. I liked SRC when I had it. People PC serves its purpose for me but after three hours online, it shuts off on its own. I know its for security purposes.

I found which would help us and many others trying to sift through the many internet providers. gives information on all types of internet providers. Because of where I live, we can either get dialup or satellite services.

Dialup is the cheapest way to go for internet services. has four different companies that advertise through them. They even have a list of free internet providers which is getting smaller by the minute.

DSL providers is the next one up on the list of internet providers on They have several companies listed through them. Sadly I can’t use this type of internet service because I live out in the country. I would love to have a faster service for my internet. I do so much online that my dialup service usually gets bogged down with how fast that I want to.

Cable internet providers are another option for people to use. This is for folks who live in a city. Out here on the ranch we are not able to get cable services. also has a long list of providers to check into. This another faster form of internet services.

Satellite internet providers are a way for us country folks to get the faster internet. I have checked out Hughes Satellite services. I see that there is another company out there. Getisp has a huge list of providers. also has good articles on helping you select the right internet service provider, speeding up your computer, how to protect your email from spam, how to avoid online scams, and many others. is a good informational tool in helping you select your new internet service. Check them out. It was good for me.

high speed wireless connections with wifi hot spots



  1. Elizabeth Jurenovich Says:

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