These days every adoptee needs tactical gear. I found just the place for us to get it. 511tacticaloutdoors.com is the place for us fighting for the rights of adoptees. Since the adoption industry likes to use subterfuge, adoptees should accept the same. I know I am being funny.

511tacticaloutdoors.com is a good place to get hunting and fishing clothing. They have a great selection of cargo pants. My oldest daughter loves those kinds of pants. I can’t say I blame her. They are absolutely comfortable. 511tacticaloutdoors.com has other great gear from knives, holsters, gear bags, and a wide selection of clothing. So check it out and get your tactical gear together at 511tacticaloutdoors.com.



One Response to “TACTICAL GEAR OH YEA”

  1. Elizabeth Jurenovich Says:

    “Belinda” is well known to us, as she seems to often forget which Texas agencies she’s already attempted unsuccessfully to scam (we were one of them back in 2006, and we were again contacted by her last month, when she was using the “Kayla Lopez” alias.) She obviously has a unhealthy obsession with adoptive parents, and it’s likely to cost her big time, this time.

    But what we find even more disturbing is how easily she found “buyers” willing to fund her scam. It is illegal for prospective adopters to send money to Texas women for “pregnancy-related expenses” other than medical bills and legal fees paid directly to providers. And certainly, the CA adoption agencies who referred Belinda to their clients should have known this?! To provide gift cards and limos was inducement to place, pure and simple.

    It’s not likely that the adopters will be charged, as well. But attempting to buy a child is as depraved as trying to sell one– and even moreso when that child is for real!!!

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