Okay I am a homeschooling mother now. Along with researching topics for adoption, I have to print down a ton of worksheets for my daughters to use. I did so earlier today. So I came across that says it can help me with the costs of ink cartridges. We have two printers in our household along with two computers. My husband recently bought a LexMark all in one printer. He thought it would be great for me to use it to do business on. I could get things faxed, copied, and other wonderful little tricks. The disappointment was with the ink cartridges for the thing. Yes they are cheaper but they don’t have enough ink in them. has several links that can get me cheaper ink cartridges for my printer. even has coupons on their website to help further lessen my costs on inkjet cartridges.

My husband had the HP printer which is our standby. Well because I ran out of ink on my Lexmark, I would have to use his puter late at night to print down the worksheets for my daughters. I checked on their HP printer ink cartridge deals as well. also has deals on other brands such as Brother, Canon, Dell, and Epson. also has ink saving tips. For example, print only the portions that you need instead of the entire document. Use the economy or black only mode. Always leave your computer on. also has information on re manufactured or generic cartridges. has all kinds of information, links, coupons, and even troubleshooting tips for your printer. They give historical information on each of the companies that they work with. It is a great site. If you are like me and need all the help that you can get, check out Believe me they are way cheaper than buying it at the store or buying it through the company.

inkjet printer cartridge


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