That is all I can say about this one. OH LORD!

Here is the link. Here is the story.

political notebook – The Milford-Miami Advertiser


U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-District 2) introduced legislation recently that would eliminate the tax penalty for birthmothers who place a child with adoptive parents. Under current law, a birthmother who places her child with adoptive parents is not usually eligible to claim the federal child tax credit even though she bears the burden of carrying a healthy child to term.

“Birthparents often make the choice to place their child with adoptive families in an effort to be the best parent possible,” said Schmidt. “Adoption is a parental decision, and when it comes to the child tax credit, birthparents should be treated like other parents.”

Schmidt’s bill, House Resolution 6014 allows the birthmother (and birthfather if they are married and filing jointly) to claim the federal child tax credit one time. A woman can claim it in the year of the child’s birth. H.R. 6014 will not interfere with the ability of an adoptive family to also claim a credit for adopting the same child.

The child tax credit, enacted by Congress in 1997, allows a credit of $1,000 against federal income tax liability. Subsequent changes have made this credit partially refundable for most families.

“In addition to the emotional challenges birthmothers face, these mothers also incur substantial hardships associated with the decision to carry a child to term, including time away from work and medical bills,” Schmidt said. “Birthmothers should not be penalized by the U.S. tax code for making a responsible decision.”

Looks like another reason to coerce. Isn’t this the woman that instigated the honoring of “birthmothers?”


One Response to “OH LORD”

  1. Gershom Says:

    “We won’t give you much help to KEEP your baby, but we’ll sure as hell give you money for surrendering him/her.”


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