I know that several friends of mine have iphones. I know that maybe some of them might like to back of their iphones. Guess what? Here is the place to get that done. You can back up the data online at IBackup Online. You later view that data as well. You can schedule your iphone’s back up with IBackup Online as well. They offer all kinds of prices and gigabyte sizes. You can also use the interactive applications. They have many options on storage with IBackup Online.

IBackup Online also has easy drag and drop desktop applications as well as familiar Windows Internet Explorer interface to make data easier to work with.

If you have a Mac computer, there is a desktop interface between your account and Mac. They also have a IBackup Drive for Mac.

As far as iphones, they have recently optimized specifically for this device. You can check out the IBackup online for iphones. Other cellphones can also use IBackup Online.

This is a shout out to one of my mother friends, Suz. Have you checked this out yet? It sounds cool.

Online Storage


2 Responses to “BACKING UP THE iPHONE”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    On the subject of file backup, sharing and storage …

    Online backup is becoming common these days. It is estimated that 70-75% of all PC’s will be connected to online backup services with in the next decade.

    Thousands of online backup companies exist, from one guy operating in his apartment to fortune 500 companies.

    Choosing the best online backup company will be very confusing and difficult. One website I find very helpful in making a decision to pick an online backup company is:

    This site lists more than 400 online backup companies in its directory and ranks the top 25 on a monthly basis.

  2. suz Says:

    You are too funny.

    Yes I am an iPhone user and I love it. Its like having a mini computer with me everywhere not to mention my phone and ipod all in one.

    I recommend it highly. LOL.

    I havent heard of this service you reference but I will look into it. I havent had internet access due to my move. Its coming today!! Woot woot!

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