I found another link for girls to play dress up online. The site is called GirlSense – Online dress up games for girls. I know my children would love to play this game. My oldest daughter, Dakota, likes to call herself a fashion diva. I think that I will keep this link so she can check it out. She loves to play dress up. She gets to design her own styles. This is a game for girls to play. It is aimed at tweens and young teenagers. Of course that is what my daughter is. It would be a good game for girls to play to increase their fashion sense. My daughter so loves to call herself a diva. They have all kinds of arts and crafts.Girl Sense – Online Dress up games for girls also allow you to create your own boutique. Looks like it would be fun. I know my daughter is interested. We are going to check it out and see what kind of fun that we can have. My daughters follow the Hannah Montana Show. They even have a group for her. She has a celebrity boutique on there as well. They have a group specific for the MTV show The Hills.

GirlSense – Online dress up games for girls

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