Yep I am doing it again. Its coming up on summer time. I know here in Texas that it is beginning to get hot. Texans do love their ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help lower that ever increasing energy bill. I found this website that has a huge selection of ceiling fans . They have showrooms in Florida. They also stock lighting as well. They have a huge list of brand names including Hunter and many other brands. They have numerous ways to pay for the fans that you ordered including paypal. They are a member of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. They also contribute to Habitat For Humanity. That tells me that they are a good company to buy from.

Ceiling fans
Minka Ceiling Fan
Outdoor Ceiling Fans

They have this wicked looking fan that has a cross bar with two fans facing sideways instead of the normal ceiling fan that forces air downward. It has two fans on both ends. You have to visit the website to see this awesome thing. They have a film with this fan working. You have to see this thing. It is so cool. You really need to check out this website. So many selections and choices. Fans for indoors as well as outdoors. They even have lighting as well as air purification products.


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