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May 30, 2008

Is society doing everything it can for children? Are we going in right or wrong direction? Some how I think we have forgotten the children. I think religion in adoption is just the wrong way to go. Adoption is a legal procedure and should reflect that.

The states have got financial initiatives to place as many foster care children as possible. There is financial motivation. I believe its five grand a child. That doesn’t make good sound adoptions for children. This initiative put into place by Safe Children and Family Act signed by President Clinton. I believe the intentions were good but it doesn’t work. So we all need to go back to the drawing board. We are hearing more and more cases of child abuse and neglect within adoptive families. We have to go for a higher standard.

Do any of you remember Sean’s story? His natural grandfather is upset and is currently suing the agency who placed his grandson. I hope that he wins. Someone has to be accountable for this type of situation. I think it should be the agency. His adoptive mother smothered him to death. Here is the link and the story.

Children continue testimony

Lynn Paddock is charged with first-degree murder in the suffocation of her 4-year-old adopted son, Sean.
News & Obsever photo by Ted Richardson
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Smithfield — A judge will decide whether the jury can hear a recorded phone conversation from February. Tami called Lynn Paddock at the Johnston County jail to ask why Sean was dead.

Tami said she was drunk when she made the call. Lynn Paddock told her that it was an accident, Tami testified this morning after jurors left the room.

Earlier this morning, Tami Paddock, Lynn Paddock’s oldest adopted child, told jurors that Sean turned into a zombie in the days before his death.

“He wasn’t himself,” Tami said. “He’d just sit there and stare off into space. He loved cars and you could put them in front of him and he wouldn’t touch them. He acted like there was no life in him.”

Paddock, 47, is on trial for first-degree murder in the death of Sean. He was bound so tightly in blankets one night in February 2006 that he suffocated.

The night before he died, Sean told Tami he needed to tell her something, she told jurors. He never got the chance. The two were interrupted, Tami said.

The next morning, Paddock’s six oldest children woke up in a fright, Tami said. There was a sheriff’s car outside. Lynn, Johnny and Sean weren’t there.

Hours later, Tami told jurors that Lynn and Johnny came home and called a family meeting. Johnny told them that Sean had died.

“David started crying and she reached out and smacked him,” Tami said. ” She told him this wasn’t the time to show out.”

David, Sean and Hannah had arrived at the Paddocks not a year before.

Children’s Home Society, a private adoption agency contracted by the state to place foster children, turned over six children to the Paddocks from 1996 to 2005. Lynn Paddock, 47, is on trial for the murder of her youngest adopted child, Sean. He suffocated to death after being bound so tightly in blankets that he couldn’t breathe.

Tami, now 21, told jurors that when Children’s Home Society delivered another batch of children — Sean and his sister Hannah and brother David — in 2005, Lynn Paddock seemed to loose it. Tami said she became mean and irritable all the time.

“She got almost like she couldn’t stand children,” Tami said. “I didn’t understand why you’d want to adopt kids. She just seemed like we were always in her way. She could never do anything she wanted to do because she had kids.”

A judge told jurors this morning that Tami has been granted immunity from prosecutors in exchange for their testimony. An attorney negotiated that deal for her soon after Sean’s death because Tami was a legal adult at the time and feared she could be held responsible for the abuse of the minor children.

On Thursday, Ray Paddock told jurors that he had lied to deputies and social workers about what went on in his home because he feared his adoptive mother Lynn Paddock would beat him.

Ray, 17, said on the witness stand that he told deputies lies to cover for his mother after his 4-year-old brother, Sean, died.

“I didn’t want to be the one, if she went home with us that night, to be the one who told on her,” Ray told jurors. “I knew it wouldn’t go well for the one who did.”

Paddock, 47, is on trial for first-degree murder in the death of Sean. He was bound so tightly in blankets one night in February 2006 that he suffocated.

On Thursday morning, defense attorneys picked through each of the statements Ray made to authorities after Sean’s death. They grilled him on when he told the truth and when he had fibbed. Ray said that he slowly felt comfortable confessing what happened after he was put into a foster home.

Ray said the children helped shield Paddock, even to a social worker from Children’s Home Society, a private adoption agency that placed six children with the Paddocks since 1996.

Ray said they posed for pictures to send to the adoption agency to pretend that their family was normal. The photos were a ruse, Ray said, shot to convince social workers that the children led enriched lives with the Paddocks. “We went to Florida and Alabama, but those were rare trips,” Ray said. “It was all put on to make it look like we were one big happy family.”

Paddock’s children have accused her of beating them with plastic plumbing pipe, forcing them to exercise for hours on end and taping their mouths shut to keep them quiet.

Four of Paddocks’ children have offered their stories of abuse. The two oldest, Jessy and Tami, are expected to testify today.



May 30, 2008

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May 30, 2008

Just another story proving the corruption in adoption.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

FOR every legal adoption, there are at least 20 other babies procured by couples via illegitimate channels, say statistics. While some make their own arrangements through relatives or friends, others use more iniquitous methods. They approach or are approached by baby brokers and syndicates. Just last week, police busted a syndicate in Johor Baru involving a doctor and his staff. Indeed, the baby-for-sale business is thriving, encouraged by despairing couples who want babies via the fastest and least complicated means possible. Even if it comes at a price. As long as there is this demand, there will be no end to this racket. According to police records, several syndicates have been busted since the first cases of baby-selling were reported in 1992.

The fact that couples are willing to part with hefty sums of up to RM30,000 to illegally acquire infants to nurture as their own, highlights deficiencies in our adoption procedures. Despite the logic of doing things the right way and the benefits and protection it offers the child, baby-buying persists and adoptive parents continue to find their way around the long waiting lists and rules. Consequently, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen’s recent undertaking to review the Adoption Act to make the process easier is timely and praiseworthy.

Indeed, there have long been complaints of adoption being a tedious and frustrating process. Couples talk of being made to wade through red tape and having their private lives minutely probed. Besides being married, the couple must show medical evidence that they cannot conceive, are financially sound and be sincere in wanting a child. The couple’s background and marriage stability will also be assessed. It is also extremely difficult to adopt a child of a few months old because of the time involved in the application procedure, which is usually around 18 months to two years. Once approved, the couple will be informed that they are on the waiting list, which stands at 11/2 years. Certainly, the queue is long and the wait unbearable for those desperate for a child. In such circumstances, it is not difficult to imagine what a hard-pressed couple with the means would do if approached with an infant and all the necessary documents. Thus, reviewing the law from various aspects to make the adoption procedure as simple as possible, is indeed appropriate and advantageous. But at the same time, care must also be taken to ensure the interests and welfare of the child are safeguarded.


May 30, 2008

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May 29, 2008

You know the FBI must be really busy these days. I wonder if they have started pulling their hair out yet. I heard this story on Paul Harvey earlier today. I was told an icky secret about Mexico a couple of years ago. I thought it was an odd situation. A coworker told me that if she died her hair black, that she could go into Mexico and bring home an infant with no questions asked. I even spoke with an adoption agency director about this recently. She wasn’t surprised about it and even pondered that question herself.

This story comes out and blows it wide open. So fifteen adoptees will probably be sent home because their paperwork was not proper. The mothers were either forced to conceive by these folks or were in extreme straights. These women were paid quite a pretty penny.

Here is the story. Shocking! NOT.

REYNOSA – Amado Torres Vega sees his work as a simple act of charity.

He rescues newborn children from a life of poverty in Mexico and helps place them with financially stable couples in the United States, he told Mexican police this week.

But authorities on both sides of the border believe the 64-year-old Harlingen man’s assistance was with a price.

Over the past year, they say, he bought at least 15 children from poor Mexican women and sold them to adoptive parents in the United States. Some of the women reportedly got pregnant over and over simply to collect a paycheck.

According to Mexican authorities, they include:

* a 39-year-old mother who told police she carried three children to term for Torres so she could pay medical bills for a 9-year-old daughter suffering from bone marrow cancer; she would also save the babies’ umbilical cords for Mexican stem cell treatments on her daughter before selling the newborns.

* and a 21-year-old suffering from AIDS who got pregnant and sold a child to pay for her own care.

Throughout the process, he may also have had help from accomplices north of the border, authorities said Wednesday.

Now, the FBI is investigating whether any of the U.S. businesses and individuals that assisted Torres in placing the children in homes as far as Michigan knew from where the children came.

Nearly, if not all, the mothers who sold their babies to Torres are from Rio Bravo, authorities say.


Mexican state police in Tamaulipas charged Torres with child trafficking Monday, after they say he admitted to paying $2,500 to an inmate in the Reynosa city jail to take possession of her 21-day-old child.

Upset over the exchange, the baby’s grandmother reported him and his girlfriend – Maria Isabel Hernandez, 25 – to authorities, who later found the baby at a home in Rio Bravo.

As details began to emerge about the man’s reported activities, police realized the child was likely only the latest in a string of questionable transactions.

Mexican investigators say Torres told them he paid at least nine pregnant women between $2,500 and $3,000 each for newborn children.

In many cases, he reportedly helped smuggle the women across the Rio Grande so their babies could be born as U.S. citizens, making them more easily adoptable in states as far north as Michigan and Tennessee.

Authorities are still unsure exactly how the children were put up for adoption in the United States or whether any of the adoptive families paid Torres directly.

But they say Torres claims he only skirted immigration and adoption laws to give the children a better life.

“He said he’s doing a good thing for the kids,” said Tamaulipas State Police investigator Raul Gamez in Spanish. “He doesn’t know where they end up, but said they all go to excellent homes.”

Using notes found in Torres’ possession, Gamez said he tracked down nine single mothers in Rio Bravo who claimed to have sold their children to Torres, some of them repeatedly. They kept having babies because they knew the money would be waiting, he said.

“These women are very poor,” Gamez said. “Some work in maquiladoras and some of their families didn’t even know they were pregnant.”

It remains unclear whether any of the mothers will also face criminal charges.


FBI officials refused to comment on the investigation Wednesday but confirmed that they had met with Mexican authorities on the case.

Gamez, who turned over several notebooks and documents to agents in McAllen, said Torres likely had help in the Rio Grande Valley to carry out his purported scheme.

Since his arrest, Torres has identified Harlingen attorney Armando Escamilla as a contact who helped arrange the adoptions, Reynosa city prosecutor Oralia Mancha Barrera said.

Escamilla, who also serves as pastor of Valley Christian Assembly in San Benito, refused to answer questions about his relationship with the accused baby broker, saying only he was not a client.

“As an attorney it’s impossible for me to discuss my legal practice,” he said.

FBI officials would not confirm whether Escamilla was a target of their investigation.

Torres and his girlfriend remained in the Reynosa city jail on Wednesday and could not be reached for comment.

At his Harlingen home, a rolling chain-link gate blocked the driveway leading up to it. The mailbox in front of the home was filled with mail.

If convicted on child trafficking charges, the two could face up to 12 years in a Mexican prison.


Jeremy Roebuck covers courts and general assignments for The Monitor. You can reach him at (956) 683-4437.


Martha Leticia Hernandez covers general assignments for La Frontera. You can reach her at (956) 683-4846.


May 29, 2008

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May 29, 2008

Twins separated at birth are suing for damages caused by the separation of their families. Interesting, adoptees are now speaking out and striking back against the damages done to them by the adoption industry.

Here is the link. Here is the story.

Twins who were separated at birth sue for damages

By DANIEL WOOLLS, Associated Press WriterTue May 27, 3:12 PM ET

Spanish twins who were separated at birth through a hospital error — then reunited as adults through a fluke — are suing for millions in damages, as is a third woman who grew up thinking, erroneously, that she was one of the twins, a lawyer said Tuesday.

The real twins finally met each other in 2001. The case has been working its way through the courts since 2004. A decision is expected soon on whether the three women deserve damages, said Sebastian Socorro Perdomo, a lawyer for one of the twins.

He would not release the names of any of the women, who are all 35 years old.

Socorro Perdomo said in an interview that his client is seeking $4.7 million from the government of the Canary Islands, where the error occurred in 1973 in the city of Las Palmas. The other two women are also suing, he said.

He said his client was taken out of her crib as her twin sister lay in one right next to her, mistakenly replaced by another baby girl, and ultimately raised by the family of that child.

The other two girls were brought up in the mistaken belief they were twin sisters.

“It does not take a lot of effort to put yourself in the position of any of these people in order to understand the damage that has been done,” Socorro Perdomo said.

Of the three, he said his client — taken away from her twin sister and real family — is the most devastated. “Since this discovery, her world has turned a bit upside down,” he said.

“The first right of any child is the right to their own personal and family identity,” he said. “In this case, that right has been violated.”

The error emerged a generation later, through a chance encounter at a clothing store in Las Palmas.

A friend of Socorro Perdomo’s client worked in the shop. When a woman who was the spitting image of that client came in and failed to recognize the employee, the clerk was dumbfounded.

When the dead ringer came by the store a second time, the clerk began to put two and two together and arranged for the women to meet.

DNA tests proved they were identical twins, the lawyer said.


May 29, 2008

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May 29, 2008

Unfortunately due to some negative attacking on the part of one person, I am referring everyone to the Adoptee rights protest website. There will be an accurate timeline placed up on the site concerning this issue. I apologize for any disruption and heartache that this may have caused.

Adoptee Rights Protest


May 29, 2008

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