Okay I have checked this out from another blogger. She is homeschooling mom. Yep I am considering home schooling both of my children. Its just too many issues with where we live. I am so far out in the country that my closest neighbor is fifteen miles away. The roads here are deplorable. Its hard to explain the roads to an obnoxious and asinine sup This particular new addition that you can see on the side of my blog will allow me to earn some money. Maybe not a whole lot but its a start. Hubby is desperate for me to work. Gas and food prices are shooting through the roof. I remember when it cost me 200.00 buckaroos to get the groceries that I get now for 500.00 smackers.

I don’t want to go on food stamps or anything. I doubt that we would get a whole lot anyway. It would help but it would go solely to food. The way my household eats ~ well we need more than that. Not having to take the kids to school would cut out the gas but would have to go to educational stuff.

I have a good educational background. I have a computer. My children love the outdoors which I know that I can use for biology stuff. This way they can be at home. Enjoy horseback riding with their father. Learn the plants and animals that are native. I can teach my daughters independent thinking. Heck it took me thirty years to get this point. I think it would be better for both of them.

So join on the fun. We can create our own adoption reform money making machine. We can get our words heard louder than ever before.


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