These are the folks that illegally abducted Allison Quets children. They are now trying to sell visits to her. They want control over the education fund that she is willing to set up for the children. She won’t do this so now they are trying to recoup all of their money spent on the adoption and its legal battles through her. They are trying to go after the last bit of the retirement that she has saved. The woman is Denise Needham. She told the press that Allison Quets conceived via donor egg/sperm. She did this in order to diminish Allison as a mother. They did this to make her seem like a surrogate. Allison wanted these children. She will continue to fight for her children. She is the mother period to these twins. These two folks are also related to John Gurley. John is Kevin’s cousin. When Allison went into the hospital, these folks hounded her to relinquish. These two folks took advantage of her illness, hyperemesis gravidarum. The cause of this disease is not known. However Denise made it seem like it was related to the IVF. Keep in mind Denise used to work for a fertility clinic as a counselor. She knew very well how to manipulate this information to achieve her goal. Because she had a mother previously change her mind, she and her husband intentionally hired Michael Shorstein. Michael Shorstein has a history of making natural mothers comply with relinquishment. In fact, he brags about it on his website.

Folks like these are the reasons why we must change adoption as a whole. No one I repeat no one is entitled to someone else’s child. Situations such as these should not exist. Shame on you Denise and Kevin Needham. What are going to do when those twins get old enough to ego surf? What are you going to do when they see my blog and many others? Are you ready to face the anger and pain that they will feel at your actions? Don’t worry. Bastard Nation, Adult Adoptees Advocating for Change, and many other organizations will help them when they come of age. I will be older then. I will be one of those that helps them heal. Lord knows you won’t.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    Amy, do you mean it’s NOT okay to steal someone’s twins and then try to sell visits with them? Who’da thunk it, eh?

    Rock on! I knew you’d have a beautiful post!

  2. Sunny Says:

    Selling visits? Un effing real! Keep speaking out, A!

  3. BethGo Says:

    Have you seen the Needhams site?


    Interesting they only focus on the “kidnapping” and forgot to mention all of the events leading up to it.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    Just looking at them makes my skin crawl. To think that they feel jusitified in thier actions. They are the worst of the worst. I can hope that if this is not resovled before, when those two beautiful children are old enough to go online, they are not destroyed. To see who raised? What they are capable of? They will one day realize that thier “parents” are kidnappers. I pray for them. And hope the Needhams one day get the punishment they deserve!

    Amy, you are amazing. Keep it up.

  5. gabby Says:

    The twins just turned three years old. The best present the Needhams could give to this children is to return them to their mother who is anxiously awaiting their return. It is time for the Needhams to stop the damage. They had created horrific damage. This is an emotional and psychological halocaust for Tyler and Holly. Denise Needham and Kevin Needham, What are you thinking? How do you think this will turn out? What in the world are you doing? Stop and think of the future and for heavens sake do the right thing. Tyler and Holly deserve a normal and happy life with their mother. What have you offered them? Nothing but unending publicity and controversy and psychological problems. Whatever happened to the idea of human decency and caring for other human beings. Kevin Needham and Denise Needham, the legacy you are leaving behind is ugly indeed.

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