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February 24, 2008

Anyone ever heard Heart”s song called Rage? That is what I have been feeling all day. I heard the screaming guitar with Ann Wilson’s voice singing Rage in my head all day. I don’t like listening to that song all that much these days because I can redirect my anger usually. Today I just couldn’t. I have a listing over at this registry. I changed things up over there. It seems that someone has been hitting it regular like. That is frustrating enough.

I have also been dicking around with my search again. Just using the basic facts. Scanning through the records at I have access to a couple other data bases. I have friends. Too bad that Indiana isn’t like Texas. You see Texas has a birth, marriage, divorce and death indices. Its all public record. It would be so easy. I feel like its all right there in front of me but I can’t see it. I can’t see the truth. Funny thing is that it has been a reoccurring nightmare for me for years. Like something or someone was following me but I just could not see what it was. Every time I looked around to see what it was, I became blind.

One of the groups that I am in, Looking Indiana, let the flood gates loose. A whole barrage of emails came out. There was a few new folks. Same story. I really felt their pain. I really do. To read the words of natural mothers and adoptees is like reading into my own soul. The despair and hurt is rampant in their words.

One email struck me as sad and pathetic in some ways. This individual was searching and had given up. They decided that they were a happy adoptee. It just brought the spew of rage at the adoption industry forward. How can anyone be happy at being controlled and owned by the state of Indiana? How can someone just sit there and accept what their fate is in life? I for one am sick of being treated like this? Its my fucking life here folks. I am not going to sit here and take it like a good little happy adoptee.

People in Indiana need to stand up to the fools like State Senator Robert Meeks. This fool told me that we need to protect “birthmothers from their unwanted children.” Its time idiots like this State Senator listen to those living adoption. Its time for him to do what he is paid to do. Its time for him to stop taking kickbacks from adoption agencies and attorneys. These folks deal in human trafficking. Its time for those folks to answer to those of us that they have decided to possess. He needs to hear that allowing adoptees access to their own original birth certificates increases adoption. Its time for folks like him to understand that this also decreases abortions. Its time for folks like him and others to understand that they don’t speak for the millions of mothers and fathers who have lost children to adoption. Its time for folks like him to realize that 99% of natural parents want to hear from those children. Its time for folks like him to realize that adoption is a transfer of rights. This includes this so called familial right to privacy. Its time for folks like him to realize natural parents were not promised this nor do they want it from their children. They may want it from the adoption agencies and attorneys but not from their children. In Roe vs. Wade, the right to privacy was about the right to be free from governmental intrusion. In parenting, contraception and even abortion, a woman is exercising her right to familial privacy. Once a child is born, this creates TWO individuals with equal rights. Somehow in the adoption process, the child loses his rights. The child becomes forever property of the state and the adoption agency. This is done to protect the adoption agencies and attorneys from repercussions.

Why don’t you folks stand up against these assholes?



February 22, 2008


This is from Grannie Annie:

Friends of IllinoisOpenI have had some contact with Representative Sara Feigenholtz over this last weekend. The bill she and her aide Melisha Mitchell have written has apparently not yet been filed. They had indicated that it would be posted on Tuesday February 19th but so far, it isn’t there.But no matter what, I was told that the bill will definitely not be an unconditional bill where ALL adoptees in the state would be treated equally.Representative Feigenholtz’s bill has a disclosure veto. All past denial affidavits that have been filed with the Registry will be honored. Additionally, if this bill should pass, it contains a one year period called an “information campaign” during which a birth parent can file a non-disclosure affidavit which will be honored by the state. If one birth parent files a denial, the birth certificate might still be issued but all information about the other parent will be redacted; that is, whited out.The bill has a prospective element but that too contains provisions for birth parents to file non-disclosure affidavits.A good percentage of Illinois’ adopted adults would be able to get their original birth certificate with this proposed bill. But not ALL. The only category of adopted persons that would ALL be able to receive their original birth certificate with no restrictions would be those adoptees born before 1946.I expected the bill to have been already posted but so far it isn’t. I honestly don’t know why. I could speculate but that isn’t really productive.The last time I spoke to Representative Feigenholtz was on Sunday, Feb. 17th. I told her about the many of you who have written to her, more than once, to express your opinions but received no reply. She replied that it had something to do with the clerk’s sorting the mail. I told her straight out that she should be listening to you all.Representative Feigenholtz told me that in her experienced opinion, an unconditional access bill, such as the ones in Oregon, New Hampshire, Alabama and Maine, would NEVER pass in Illinois. She said that if she were to file a 100% unconditional access bill, it would languish and die in the Rules Committee. It would go nowhere. She told me that “it just won’t fly.” Her reason is that the politics of IL are different from these other states. Representative Feigenholtz maintains that much of the opposition comes from the Chicago Bar Association. I tried very very hard to persuade the Representative that she should be listening to adoptees, not attorneys. I tried to persuade her to go with the contact preference form that was put into place in Oregon and is in the bills of the other open states. I twice sent her the texts of the bills from each of these states plus the text of every contact preference form. I also sent her the latest statistics on how the contact preference forms are being used. I wish I had better news to report. At this point, this is all I know about what Representative Feigenholtz’s plans.Now I’ll tell you how I feel personally.I believe that “ALL” minus even one adoptee, is not ALL, and is therefore not acceptable. If true unconditional access can work so easily in these other states mentioned, then it could work in Illinois too, if people wanted to work hard to make it work. In my opinion, we’re not so different here as the Representative purports. I believe that if you are going to expend so much energy, time, talent and money into a bill that champions adoptee rights, then you don’t stop short of your goal. All adopted adults in Illinois must be treated equally under the law. I believe that we must not leave even one adoptee behind.I tried to explain to Representative Feigenholtz that a true adoptee rights bill is different than a search/reunion bill. But she doesn’t seem to get it or if she does, she doesn’t want to act on it. She always brings us back to the attorneys who are worried about their clients, (past, present and future). And that is a search/reunion issue. It is not about the human and civil right of every adopted adult to own his or her own truth.I expressed my opinions, and many more arguments, over and over and over to Representative Feigenholtz. She replied that I’m living in some “sort of dream world.” She says that I don’t live in the real world of politics. That may be true, but I still believe that my dream is better than all of the conditional plans presented – plans which still allow the state to have control over adopted adults.

Stay tuned.

This story came out of North Carolina recently:

The biological grandfather of a 4-year-old boy whom prosecutors say was suffocated to death by his adoptive mother in Johnston County two years ago has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the adoptive parents and several agencies involved in the case, including Wake County Human Services.
Ron Ford Sr. said he is suing for answers, not money. Through the lawsuit, Ford hopes to compel the agencies to turn over social services and adoption records considered confidential. He wants an explanation and, hopefully, an apology.
“I want them to step forward and take responsibility for what’s happened,” Ford said. “No one wants to do that.”
Ford’s grandson, Sean Paddock, suffocated to death in February 2006 after investigators say his adoptive mother, Lynn Paddock, wrapped him tightly in blankets to the keep him from wandering through their farmhouse at night. Lynn Paddock awaits a May trial for murder in Sean’s death.
She is also charged with abusing his older siblings. Investigators say the children’s bodies were covered in welts from beatings with plastic plumbing pipes. Paddock’s attorney has said Paddock followed the advice of an evangelical minister who instructed parents to strike disobedient children with the plumbing supply line.
Ford is the administrator of Sean’s estate. In addition to Wake County Human Services, his lawsuit names the state Department of Health and Human Services and the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina, a private agency that handled the adoption.
Sean and his two older siblings were adopted by Johnny and Lynn Paddock in July 2005. According to records released after Sean’s death, the adoption proceeded after Sean came home from a trial visit at the Paddocks’ Smithfield farm with a bruised backside. He and his siblings told social workers that Lynn Paddock whipped him for playing with the family dog; Lynn Paddock said the boy had fallen off a bunk bed. Wake County social workers sided with Paddock and, a month later, allowed the adoption to proceed.
Ford said he wants to understand why his grandson’s story was dismissed and the adoption was allowed to continue. He also wants to know why Wake County social workers never asked him to take the children after the agency found their parents to be unfit.
David Mills, Ford’s attorney, hopes the lawsuit will force open records that the agencies have refused to turn over to Sean’s biological family.

Another story of interest.

The ACLU has some strange bedfellows. They are hosting a panel on adoption. All the ACLU is doing is furthering the concept that they are out to protect the proverbial butts of their fellow attorneys and gay adoptive parents.


February 21, 2008

Adoptee Sues Parents for Kidnapping


BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (Feb. 19) – A 30-year-old woman is suing her adoptive parents for kidnapping in a case that opened in an Argentine court Tuesday, becoming the first child of disappeared political prisoners to press such charges.
Maria Eugenia Sampallo Barragan accused her adoptive parents Osvaldo Rivas and Maria Cristina Gomez Pinto of falsifying adoption documents to hide her identity. She made no comments on leaving court Tuesday.
Thousands of leftists and dissidents vanished after being abducted by security forces during Argentina’s 1976-1983 military regime, and human rights groups say more than 200 of their children were taken and given to military or politically connected families to raise.
Sampallo, who in 2001 learned that she is the daughter of missing political prisoners Mirta Mable Barragan and Leonardo Ruben Sampallo, is one of 88 young people who determined their identity with DNA tests coordinated by the human rights group Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo.
Sampallo’s mother was six months pregnant when she and her father were abducted on Dec. 6, 1977, said Sampallo’s lawyer, Tomas Ojea Quentin. He said Sampallo was born in February 1978, while her mother was being held at a clandestine torture center.
Ojea Quentin said former army captain Enrich Berthier is facing related baby theft charges in the case. He is being held at a military unit, while Sampallo’s adoptive parents are reportedly free.
Lawyers for Berthier and the Gomez Pintos declined to comment when they left the courthouse where an Associated Press writer and other journalists were waiting.
The case marks the first time a woman has taken her adoptive parents to court in Argentina. There have been at least three earlier trials involving suspected illegal adoptions dating to the dictatorship that resulted in convictions – but the plaintiffs were not the adopted children.
Also Tuesday, a former military officer wanted in connection with the 1972 execution of 16 leftist guerrillas surrendered, hours after returning from the United States, government news agency Telam said.
Carlos Marandino is the fourth former naval officer arrested this month on torture and murder charges linked to the “Trelew Massacre” of 16 leftist rebels who fled an Argentine prison, presaging the excesses of Argentina’s so-called dirty war.
Marandino walked off a jet at Buenos Aires’s Ezeiza Airport and was detained, Telam reported.
Marandino’s co-defendants include Ruben Paccagnini, 81, former head of the Almirante Zar Trelew southern military base; Emilio Del Real, 73, a frigate captain who allegedly witnessed the 1972 executions; and Luis Emilio Sosa, 73, a former navy captain who allegedly captured the escapees.
Lawyers for the three men have protested their innocence, but it was not immediately known if Marandino had hired a lawyer.
Some 25 leftist guerrillas escaped a southern Argentine penitentiary in a 1972 jailbreak. Six fled by plane to Chile, where they were granted political asylum and allowed to proceed to Cuba. The other 19 were taken to a nearby naval base, where 16 were shot dead in their cells, prosecutors say.


February 16, 2008

I have been hearing rumors that this case is going to blow the adoption industry wide open. I have read James Marsh’s blog and the Daily Bastardette. I get hints of what is going on. Its now enough for me to look into this horrifying menagarie of adoption. These folks have done an excellent job of telling the story behind this case. I want to expand the story a tiny bit. The Bastardette had hinted at adoption being a pedophile adoption play book. I had asked her if this was for real. Because if it was, it was real fucking scary. I know inappropriate language but really its absolutely terrifying.

After reviewing the opinions of Jeannene Smith from David Kruchkow , Fleas Biting, and Elizabeth Case along with the other two bloggers, how is it that this woman still has a connection to adoption, gives a legal opinion on adoption, and influences the adoption reform movement is totally beyond me. Families Through International Adoption is licensed in the state of Indiana. This is the connection to Indiana. That is where she worked for them. Of course Indiana has not shut them down nor her.

Jeannene Smith was part of Families Through International Adoption until Keith Wallace fired her. She then began her own agency, Reaching Out Through International Adoption. (They are now called Child Promise,Inc) Both of these folks were tied to Masha’s child profile study. Everything I have read on James Marsh’s blog tells me that both of these folks KNEW exactly what was going on.

Reaching Out Through International Adoption is now called Child Promise. It looks like they have changed the name of their agency. This is where James’ link took me. On the front page of their website, it states that they are no longer accepting applications. Interesting. Very interesting. I click over to the about us link. I read a few things that make me think. They do adoptions from the very countries that are having issues with corruption and coercion right now. Is that the reason why they are shut down?

ChildPromise, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Jeannene and Don Smith as Reaching Out thru International Adoption, Inc. Although the Smiths are no longer part of the organization or corporation, their commitment to their work created permanent families for over 460 children. Many more were positively affected here and in their countries of birth by their work in the areas of adoption reform, child advocacy, humanitarian aid and legislative issues.

Adoption reform, child advocacy and legislative issues concern me. Jeannene Smith was involved in facilitating Masha Allen’s adoption by pedophile, Matthew Mancuso. When she testified, she scattered the blame everywhere else but her. More on that later.

The board members now are enough to be concerned as well. There is one ACLU attorney also an adoptive parent through Guatemala. Three others are adoptive parents as well. There is actually a natural parent who is one of those adoptive parents on this board too. Their profiles are listed below. The former ACLU attorney solidifies why they are against adoptee access. They know that their buddies are doing wrong in adoption. Rather than stand up and do the right thing, they rather cover for the former ACLU attorney who has done wrong. This shows that their loyalty is not with the children. To them adoption is about the money.

Ian Grodman, Esq.
President Board 5/2007 to present
Board Member 8/2005 to present
Graduate of Rutgers University School of Law and the State University of New York. Partner in Vag & Grodman, a law firm specializing in immigration law. In addition has served as an advocate for children in the foster care system, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, and been commended for representation of domestic violence victims. He is the former vice mayor of Maplewood, New Jersey, where he and his family are actively engaged in the community. He is the father of two children, one of whom came to his family through adoption from Guatemala.

Mary Ellen McLaughlin
Board member 1/07 – present
Adoptive parent, Kazakhstan (1)
BA in Telecommunication Arts from The University of Dayton, MBA in Marketing from NYU. Publisher of TIME For Kids magazine, manager of The Wall Street Journal Classroom (1) Edition, currently VP of Advertising and Custom Publishing at DC Comics.

Cynthia V. N. Peck
Board member 1/07 – present
Adoptive parent Korea, US, Vietnam (9)
BA in English at Beaver College, MA in Educational Psychology At Kean College. Doctoral Program at Rutgers University. Served on Boards of Directors of JCICS, Focus on Adoption and Love the Children, Inc.. Co-founded Seedlings, Inc. in NJ and served as Executive Director. Retired. Previous Executive Director- Reaching Out thru International Adoption, Inc.

Susan Baer
Board member 1/07 to present
Biological Parent (1) & Adoptive parent Guatemala (2)
General Manager of JFK Airport. Previously GM of Newark International Airport & LaGuardia Airport. Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and Anthropology Barnard College and a MBA from New York University. Serves on numerous non-profit boards.

Now it makes that website called Medical Adoptions all too real. Maybe instead of calling it Medical Adoptions, they should just call it Child Promise,Inc.

According Marsh, the JCICS allowed the Reaching Out Through International Adoption to resign when he filed a complaint against them. They closed shop as that and reopened six months later as Child Promise. It seems like when you squash one bug another opens up right behind it.

When the leading organizations like the National Council for Adoption and Joint Council on International Child Services allow these organizations to shut down and reopen up under another name, are they really saving just one and at the cost of how many?

Lets look at Families Through International Adoption. Most of their team members are from Indiana. Its scary knowing how deeply entrenched they are in Indiana. They have folks who graduated from several Indiana Universities. This agency is also involved with countries that are having issues with adoption. Another icky thing here is that their wives are involved in this business too. YUCK. Here are their team members.

Keith M. Wallace – Executive Director / CEO

I am responsible for overall direction and supervision of FTIA. I spend time presenting informational meetings, traveling overseas to maintain our programs and contacts, developing humanitarian aid projects, maintaining our web site, and contacting the CIS/INS, among other things.
Most importantly, I consider myself an advocate for adopting parents and the children we serve. I am a law school graduate from Valparaiso University School of Law and I taught law as a Foreign Expert in China in 1990 – 1991. I am active in both international and domestic adoptions and I am a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, American Immigration Lawyers Association, and Christian Legal Society.
I volunteer for many children-related activities including serving on the Board for Impact Ministries which serves inner city youth. I enjoy running, reading, and hanging out with kids.

Chris Huber – Director of Program Development

As the Assistant Director of Programs, I currently supervise our Guatemala and Brazil adoption programs and I am involved in developing new programs in Latin America. I have also worked extensively in developing the software and on line resources used by all country programs at FTIA. As an adult adoptee and adoptive father, I am very passionate about adoption and the opportunity it provides children to have a loving permanent home. Besides my responsibilities at FTIA, I am also active in different national adoption advocacy groups.
I have four children, Anne Marie, Libby, C.J., and Luis, who was adopted from Guatemala in February 2004. I have lived and worked in Central and South America for over 15 years which provides me a good insight into the cultures of the countries where we work. In my free time I enjoy bicycling and reading

Maury Reising – Waiting Children Senior Coordinator

I am the Senior Waiting Children Coordinator and work with the China and Guatemala teams. My responsibilities include communicating regularly with families, supporting them in the adoption process, and assisting them with paperwork, travel information, and providing emotional support. I love working with children with special needs and the families!
I graduated from the University of Evansville with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and am also a Licensed Social Worker. I have over 20 years of experience in domestic adoptions and related Child Welfare fields, having worked for the State of Indiana here in Vanderburgh County.
I am married to Kevin and have a grown daughter (adopted) and three grandchildren, with whom I enjoy spending much time! My hobbies include reading, gardening, and antiquing.

Linda Huber – Intake Specialist
I am honored to be a part of FTIA. As an intake specialist, I enjoy helping prospective families in selecting the country program that will work best for them and answering general questions that they have about each of our programs.
Before coming to FTIA, I worked as a Christian missionary in Central & South America for ten years. Through that experience, I learned a great deal about the Hispanic culture and language and feel a genuine love and connection to the Hispanic world.
I graduated from the Cincinnati Christian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Bible. I also enjoy teaching Spanish classes for Ivy Tech Community College, and am a trained medical interpreter & trainer through the Bridging the Gap Interpreters Program.
I have four children: Anne; Libby; CJ; and Luis (from Guatemala). I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, as well as shopping, reading and going to the movies.

Now according to my friends, Kevin Wallace did attempt to distance himself from Jeannene Smith. Still though, it didn’t work because their names are all over the paperwork for Masha. Where is Jeannene Smith now? She is no longer with Child Promise. She is now on the board of Focus on Adoption. Lets take a look at the who we are link. Low and behold. Even though Keith Wallace as distanced himself, he didn’t go far enough. Here are their board members. One of his team members is still connected to Jeannene Smith via Focus on Adoption.

Hannah Wallace is the Founder and Executive Director of Adoptions International, which has been licensed in Pennsylvania for 20 years. Hannah was a Social Worker with the Department of Public Assistance, and then a Supervising Social Worker for the Get Set program, as well as a Counselor for adolescents in an alternative school. She is a graduate of the Family Institute of Philadelphia’s Clinical School, and had a practice in Family Therapy.
In 1983, Hannah’s life was transformed while adopting her daughter from a Honduran orphanage. After returning from Honduras , Hannah’s passion to find families for homeless children formed Adoptions International. Aside from its adoption work, Adoptions International has been engaged in numerous humanitarian aid projects in all the countries in which it has operated in response to the great need she saw for family and child welfare services.
Ten years later, when the Hague Convention and Treaty governing intercountry adoptions emerged on the scene, Hannah’s life took another turn into examining the more global issues and controversy surrounding intercountry adoption. She became an active member of JCICS (Joint Council on Intercountry Children’s Services) and has served on the Board of Directors for two terms, as well as being a past Vice President of JCICS. She has been a passionate advocate for ethical and sound adoption practices, as well as an advocate for sensible regulation which does not impede the opportunity for children to have permanency as early in their lives as possible.
During the “Hague Upheaval” in Guatemala, Hannah Wallace and Rudy Rivera (Vice President) developed the concept of Focus On Adoption™: An Intercountry Advocacy Organization, while organizing with the Association in Defense of Adoption and many other like minded advocates, to preserve and then improve adoption services for Guatemalan children who need families. She sees Guatemala as a beginning in the need to form child welfare coalitions in numerous countries where adoption is no longer an option for hundreds of thousands of children. She believes the entire adoption community needs a resource for educating itself about the issues impacting ICA and needs a center for advocacy to protect children’s rights to grow within a family environment.
Hannah has written numerous articles published on Guatadopt, Rainbowkids, and Adoption Today Magazine. She serves on the Hague Committee of JCICS, is Co-Chair of the Guatemalan Country Caucus of JCICS. In 2003, Hannah received the prestigious Congressional Angel in Adoption Award from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

Jeannene Smith is the founder and CEO of Reaching Out thru International Adoption, Inc., a fully recognized non-profit humanitarian aid and child placement organization. She is an adoptive parent of two daughters from China and Guatemala and has remained a strong advocate dedicated to children’s issues. She has provided testimony and position statements to Congressional leaders and the media on various international adoption issues such as the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2000, the Hague Convention and implementation issues both in the US and abroad, child trafficking and international adoption reform and has presented seminars on international adoption issues, practices and processes both in the US and abroad.
Jeannene has remained involved in legislative issues, serving in the past on several JCICS committees and currently serves on the JCICS Hague Committee, Ethics Committee, and as the Chair of the Cambodia Caucus. In addition, Jeannene served on the Advisory Council on Intercountry Adoption (ACIA) Hague Committee.
She has been a featured presenter at Resolve and has served as Treasurer of the parent support group Families with Children from China (FCC).
Jeannene’s current involvement with Focus on Adoption has developed from her work on legislative issues and a strong desire to create a deeper public awareness of the impact of legislation on the very children it seeks to serve and protect

Chris Huber
Chris Huber is the Latin American Program Manager for Families Thru International Adoption, a 501C3 not for profit international placing agency licensed in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Chris has lived and worked in Central and South America for almost 15 years and currently supervises adoption programs in Guatemala and Brazil as well as developing new programs in other Latin American countries.
Chris brings a unique perspective to FOA as he is both an adult adoptee, an adoptive parent to Luis Manuel whose was adopted from Guatemala at age 6, and as an adoption professional. These varied experiences allow him to bring different perspectives on the issues currently facing international adoptions. He joined FOA to help assure that children around the world continue to have the opportunity to be adopted into a loving family.

Carl Jenkins is a former litigation attorney who now consults in non-profit restructuring, insurance coverage issues and wrongful adoption defense He is also General Counsel for World Child® International, a Maryland-licensed, international adoption agency.
After graduating from Antioch School of Law, Carl clerked for Judge Ricardo Urbina in Washington DC. Following two decades of litigation work involving family, probate, civil, criminal and corporate law, he continues to maintain an interest in the law firm of Jenkins & Povtak.
Carl is actively involved in the Hague Accreditation process through several organizations and has also served such varied community interest groups as: Peer Reviewer for the Council on Accreditation; At Large member on the Lawyer-to-Lawyer Committee for the Maryland Sixth Circuit; and served as Counsel to the Clergy for the Holy Name Order (Franciscans). He has spoken or moderated panels at Resolve, F.A.C.E., Quad A and JCICS conferences regularly during the past several years. He also has been published in Adoptive Family Magazine and other periodic journals on adoption issues.

Here is the Joke of the year with Carl Jenkins. He defends adoption agencies from wrongful adoptions. There is absolutely no protection for adoptive parents, adoptees, and natural parents in all countries to include the United States.

To read about these folks, it makes Angelina Jolie look normal. Some of these folks are adoptee collectors. They even have a disclaimer because of Jeannene Smith. Interesting thing is that she is still on their board of directors. So what is this disclaimer really for? The board of directors or those that donate to them. EXCUSE ME SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK?

Focus On Adoption is a volunteer, non-profit organization. Most of our activities are funded through the donations of adoption professionals. Focus On Adoption does not have the ability to audit the ethical policies of its supporters. While we hope that only adoption professionals who agree with and operate within proper ethical standards actively support us, this is not something enforceable by Focus On Adoption. Therefore, private individuals researching adoption providers should not view an agency’s support of Focus On Adoption as being anything more than the fact that the agency has donated to help us with our mission. Support of Focus On Adoption should not be considered an endorsement of any sort on our part.

Bad thing is that you really can’t see who the member agencies are of the JCICS. The board of directors is something that will further enlighten you. Another common individual comes up again.

Keith M. Wallace is founder and CEO of Families Thru International Adoption (FTIA). Mr. Wallace is an attorney and a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys. FTIA is accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services, Inc. (COA). Keith has served on several JCICS committees. He has presented hundreds of seminars on different aspects of international adoption to various audiences. FTIA is active in many aid projects for children. Keith served as Treasurer in 2004.

Oh lord is this getting dirtier and dirtier. These folks are deeply entrenched in adoption laws and practice. These folks do many accreditations of adoption agencies. So if one closes down due to unethical practices, they allow these individual operators to open up under other agency names. These folks are in the American Adoption Attorneys organization. Corruption at its finest. The JCICS helps in covering it up.

The JCICS works hand in hand with the NCFA on international adoption issues. Many of the NCFA agencies are in fact international adoption agencies. I just love that some of these folks are adoptees and natural parents.

According to Marsh, Carl Jenkins is now the connecting agency to the National Council for Adoption. His agency, World Child International, is now a member of their organization. So these folks are all connected to each other.

All through all of these biographies on these folks and the various board members, there are common links. NCFA, JCICS, Focus on Adoption, ACLU, American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, Right to Life groups, Safe Haven groups, and adoption agencies. How many children did get placed in good homes? How many did not? How many adoptees have been hurt by these folks? Why are adoptees treated lower than puppies and kittens in an animal shelter? Why are the natural mothers in our society and in other countries treated just like breeders? Why are adoptive parents treated like stupid greedy consumers? If these types of connections and links don’t give you cause to be concerned, what would it take? I know that this sickens me absolutely sickens me.


February 15, 2008

At the request of a very dear friend of mine, I am posting this here so that Missouri adoptees can see this as well. Inquiring minds really need to know what is going on. After reading both the Senate bill and the House bill, they are identical. What was so offensive in the language of the bills? Why would one individual cause a legislator to get so ticked off that she would pull it?


Missouri is the “Show Me” state. Legend says we got that name because we’re kind of slow. There must be some truth to that because I don’t know what the heck is going on.
Representative Connie Johnson was set to introduce a bill that would grant Missouri adoptees access to their original birth certificates. Then I get an email in which representative Johnson expressed her offense at , “the dialogue that has taken place regarding this bill and my intentions”. I was taken aback.
My first thought was that those who would wish to limit adoptee access had offended Mrs. Johnson. Scrolling down revealed something else entirely, it was a member of the group MO CARE, more specifically a Caroline Pooler who had caused the offense.
I had never heard of MO CARE. I Googled them. As far as the internet is concerned, they have never heard of them either. A little closer examination revealed a close allegiance with the American Adoption Congress. Now we all know that the American Adoption Congress ” comprises individuals, families and organizations committed to adoption reform. We represent those whose lives are touched by adoption or other loss of family continuity”.
This explained who these people were, but not what they had done to make Representative Johnson feel that she needed to pull the bill from the legislative session. Why would a group that seemed so supportive of the rights of adoptees oppose this bill to the point of offense and possibly jeopardizing the support of a friendly legislator to any future bills?
Nobody knew. As far as I can tell Ms. Pooler’s motives have not been revealed to anyone outside her group.
A larger question in my mind is, who gave her the right to speak for all Missouri adoptees? I certainly did not. I am not a member of MO CARE, if it does indeed exist. I am not a member of The American Adoption Congress. They do not speak for me or many others. Honestly I’m a bit offended that anyone would think that they did.
I appreciate Representative Johnson’s effort on my behalf. Even if the bill was not perfect I did support it as it was written. It would have given me access to my original birth certificate.
Caroline Pooler, never again think that you can speak for me. If I can give you a piece of advice, it does our cause certain harm to offend friendly legislators. I don’t know what your problem was. You seemed to think it was your place to speak for me, but didn’t think I needed to be informed of your reasons. I am also offended.
So please Ms. Pooler outline your reasoning for me. Right now. Right here. The comment section is below.
By the way, MO Care will Google now.


February 12, 2008

Everyone knows I fight for fathers and mothers who have lost their children to unscrupulous adoption agencies. One father is taking a real risk tomorrow. He is telling his story on national television. I am really worried. The natural mother’s father has accused him of rape. This is one of the many tactics that these agencies and attorneys use to get a father to relinquish. I warned him about this about a month ago. They drudge everything up about a father. His past can be thrown at him no matter how good or how great. They will twist it to make it bad. If he has a sip of beer, he becomes an alcoholic. If he goes to a bar and waits on his sister, he is carousing at a bar. If he spanks his child, he is an abusive father. All it takes is the accusation. Its enough to keep the case going for years until he gives up. Its sad but its true.

I found this letter to the editor here. I am publishing it here so we can read it.

The Family Court of Fall River, like thousands of others, seems to not only sanction, but ardently promote the estrangement of child and father. Further, the mothers, along with their lawyers, manipulate the court with the outdated “every woman is a victim” syndrome and false or exaggerated accusations, and offer up the children as catalysts to punish and impoverish the father.
This is scathingly evident in the case of unwed parents. The fathers of illegitimate children are “fathers” only in the eyes of the bank! Nowhere is this more apparent than a case in California of the unwed mother placing her child up for adoption, the father of the child petitioning the court for custody of his child, and the “wisdom” of the court denying his petition. This particular case is now pending in the Supreme Court. For most, the expense of such a pursuit of justice is completely prohibitive.
Signing an acknowledgement of paternity provides no parental rights to the father. The child, with the blessings of the court, becomes no more than a commodity for the unwed mother. Affording her the lifelong “right” and ability to abuse and harrass the system, the courts and the father of the child without repercussion or accountability. The family courts are overflowing daily with charges that are ludicrous, unfounded and out-and-out lies. Fathers by the droves are brought to task by vindictive, self-serving, deceitful mothers, many of whom practice irresponsible breeding as a means of income.
Yes, there are “dead beat” dads. Many simply choose to ignore their parental responsibilities. But, the majority are “created” by our (in)justice system.
Judgements in Family Court are hawked as in the best interest of the child, when, in fact, they are in the best interest of the court. The family lawyers are much like morticians, preying upon clients at a most vulnerable moment, a time when rationale is set aside. After all, what father is not willing to sacrifice all for his child? Ergo, thousands upon thousands of dollars are mindlessly placed in the hands of attorneys, who, with minimal exception, concern themselves with plans for their next boat purchase and wouldn’t know the best interest of the child if they fell over it.
What about the guardians ad litem? Case in point. After meeting with a “father” who provided extensive legal documentation regarding his child being subjected to frequent visits by an ex-con pedophile and a known heroin addict, the GAL met with the (un-wed) mother. She admitted that both were a part of the small child’s life on a regular basis, and that, “if it matters, I won’t let him go around them anymore.” If?
The final recommendation of the GAL was the child should continue to live with the mother, even though there was concern about his safety and well-being (paraphrased). Guardians ad litem have no particular qualifications, if any, and yet the court utilizes and respects their recommendations. Again, where does the “best interest of the child” come into play? Perhaps in the next battle in the court? I doubt it!
Being a father, wed or unwed, is not a crime, except in the Family Court system. Being an unwed mother has lost its stigma, and rightfully so. It happens. If there is a “crime” involved, it is that the Family Court system violates rather than endorses the “best interests of the children.”
Until we correct this mockery of jurisprudence, hundreds of thousands of fathers will continue to be estranged or incarcerated, hundreds of thousands of the vindictive mothers will continue to view their children as cash registers and hundreds of thousands of children will fall to abuse and neglect, or worse.
For the many mothers and fathers who work toward the “best interest of the child,” blessed be. For the rest of you, bless the children; they deserve better. I hope you get what you deserve!

Marti Vadeboncoeur

What is really interesting is how these agencies and attorneys really look at unwed parents. In fact Rep Liston called unwed parents, male and female, sluts. That comment set the natural mothers on fire. As a woman, that comment ticks me off. Truthfully though that is how they view us. We can all be successful, contributing members of society but somehow we would be wrong. I can hardly consider my own natural mother a slut since she was in love deeply with my natural father. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea but at the same time it was probably her first time. She has probably spent the rest of her life being married to the father of her sons.. Slut very much unlikely. In fact a majority of mothers are NOT sluts. Excuse me Colorado you elected this fool. Maybe its time to kick him out of office.


February 11, 2008

There are a couple of interesting tidbits out there if you use google search for key words like adoption, adoptee, and many other key adoption words.

This story came out. What I love about this article is this line. “Many of the adoptees from my orphanage share one desire: the honest truth, and an open discussion of their earliest days.” It is very reflective of what every adoptee feels. An adoptee may not search for whatever reason but this desire is always in the back of their minds.

Togo is also suspending their child adoption program as well. Too many violations in their adoption process is what is quoting as being the issue.

Vietnam is also having issues with their child adoption program. This article states a majority of it. The State Department issued warnings about adoptions in Vietnam citing unregulated baby finders and payments. It sounds like prospective adoptive parents are being taken for their money. Prospective adoptive parents get upset when the U. S. government gets involved in the process. They think its fine for them to go through on their adoption even though according to the federal government there is cause to be concerned. Does it really matter to them that it could be an unethical adoption?

Another country that is also dealing with adoption corruption is Liberia. This article goes over their issues with it as well. This particular sentance caused great alarm for me since these agencies are out of Texas. “The disturbing news has it that two child adoption agencies Addy’s Hope Adoption Agency based in Texas, USA, and Greater Love Children’s Home in Liberia are at the center of controversy in this trafficking. According to the news, the two groups have succeeded in taking seven of ten children out of Liberia under the same scheme.”

Of course Guatemala is still having issues with their adoption program. This article goes over those issues as well.

Interestingly enough, there is cases of child theft in the United States. You just have to read the stories that I have posted about Bryce Carkhuff, Bryn Ayre, Joshua Simmerson, Shawn McDonald, Cody O’Dea, Matt Tenneson, Stephanie Bennett, Craig Lentz, Ibbaanika Bond, and Allison Quets. What really concerns me are the adoption scammers out there.

Emily Singer is a woman who has scammed prospective adoptive parents in Pennslyvania. There is reports of a woman in Indiana and a woman in South Texas. Sometimes the agencies know about these women. They still continue taking money from prospective adoptive parents.


February 10, 2008

This morning I watched a video that my husband received from a friend. It literally brought me to tears. I was amazed at the trust between horse and rider. The horse took cues from his rider, a young woman. I think the reason why it brought me to tears is the trust thing. I believe that is what adoptees lose. We have had the rug ripped out from underneath us.


February 8, 2008

I am not sure but I may have an opportunity to support one of the fathers who are fighting for his rights. I hope I get that chance. I would truly like to understand why these fathers have to fight so hard to parent their own child.

As I think about this extremely tough topic, I wonder about the mothers who continue to go through the placement plan. I wonder about the adoptive parents who continue with the placement when they KNOW that someone is fighting them for their right to parent. Do you folks sleep well at night? Do you really feel good about what you are doing? Can you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning? Do you realize what you are doing to these children? Don’t tell me that if these fathers would stop fighting there wouldn’t be an issue.

Let me tell you my story. I found out that my natural father wanted me. Granted I was the result of an extramarital affair but he still wanted me. I totally get my natural mother’s position. She was totally in love with him. I am positive that when he completely came clean like he did, she was utterly devastated. The difference between my adoptive parents and you is my parents didn’t know. They weren’t given any copy of the adoption finalization. A quirk that seems to be a characteristic of the Suemma Coleman Home for Unwed Mothers, now called St. Elizabeth Coleman. I do think my adoptive parents do have culpability in adoption but nothing like you folks. You literally take the cake. Now before you call me an ungrateful bastard or say that my adoptive parents are ashamed of me, think long and hard. I am your child fourty two years down the road. Kids these days tend to ego surf. Heck I have done on myself.

By the time these children are adults, adoptee access will be a mute point. It will exist even in Utah. I hope by then adoption will have been reformed completely. I hope adoption will bring in the human element instead of the financial element. I hope that the agencies, these attorneys and the adoptive parents will have to face these adoptees. They will find out what you folks have done. How will you answer their questions? Do you think that they might be a tad mad at you? Heck I am mad at the agency for continuing with the adoption when they knew. Now I am mad at the state of Indiana for denying my constitutional rights by interferring with my birth certificate and holding my records in seizure on the presumption of harm. Eventually the United States will have to own in its participation in what they encouraged at the expense of natural parents and adoptees in this country.

What are you going to do when these children ask why you treated my natural parents the way that you did? For those that think fathers can’t raise their own children, you have never met two very dear friends of mine. Scott is an excellent father. Danny, another one, is a cop in my home town. They both did and did it well. If these men can do it and since I have spoken with these fathers, I know that they can do it too. In fact they are already raising children.


February 7, 2008

As I read this story, I wondered the real facts behind it. Here is the story itself.

New Hearing Ordered In Adoption Data Case

This article was published on Wednesday, February 6, 2008 10:23 PM CST in News

By Rob Moritz
Arkansas News Bureau

LITTLE ROCK – The state Court of Appeals on Wednesday ordered a new hearing in a lawsuit filed by a woman who gave her child up for adoption and then claimed her Fort Smith doctor disclosed confidential information about her to the child’s adoptive parents.Angela Floyd of Crawford County filed the lawsuit in 2006 against Dr. Samuel Koenig III, seeking compensatory and punitive damages for invasion of privacy, public disclosure of private facts, negligence and breach of fiduciary duty.The suit said Floyd was a pregnant single mother in 1987 and was receiving prenatal care from Koenig when the doctor, during a visit, suggested she give her baby up for adoption. Floyd’s suit said Koenig told her he knew a family that wanted to adopt and that he could make all the arrangements.In 1988, she gave her newborn baby girl up for adoption and chose not to tell her son, who was born in 1986. She also never told the man she married in September 2003.The lawsuit alleges Koenig, in March 2006, disclosed Floyd’s confidential patient information to the adoptive father, who then contacted her.Court records said the adoptive father allegedly told Floyd to tell her biological daughter that she did not want to have a relationship with her, and that if she refused, the adoptive father would tell her son and new husband about the adoption.

Sebastian County Circuit Judge James O. Cox later dismissed the lawsuit, saying Floyd’s complaint did not set out allegations of fraud or facts that would support an allegation of fraudulent conduct. The judge also said a three-year statute of limitations passed before Floyd filed the lawsuit.On Thursday, the appeals court reversed Cox’s decision in an eight-page ruling.”In reviewing these allegations, we recognize that the issue of fraudulent concealment is normally a question of fact that is not suited for dismissal by summary judgment or, as here, by a motion to dismiss,” Judge Sam Bird wrote.”Our review of these allegations and the relevant law convinces us that (Angela Floyd) has alleged facts sufficient to support the application of fraudulent concealment,” the court said.On the statute of limitations argument, the court said allegations of fraud suspends the running of the statute of limitations until the party having the cause of action discovers the fraud, or should have discovered it.

Sadly this happens all the time. As an adoptee who used the confidential intermediary system in Indiana, I agree with the natural mother in this case. I was given confidential information regarding the psych evaluations of my natural mother during her stay at the Suemma Coleman Home for Unwed Mothers. I don’t need that information. What relevance does it have on me? If anything, it makes me empathesize with her further. I know that they think that I won’t find her but seriously what about her right to medical privacy? In this sense, she should have this. Information that records my birth is my information but her psych evalutions are none of my business.

The adoptive father wanted to have his daughter told by this woman that she didn’t want contact. Now is he blackmailing her to keep his daughter from searching? Or did she really not want contact with her daughter? In this situation, he was wrong for doing this. This is business between her and her daughter. In this situation neither party had a choice in the matter. That is just plain wrong and harmful for the two people directly involved in the situation. I appreciate the fact this mother stood up against a person who seems very corrupt. How was he even allowed to adopt?