I googled her name this evening. I found this.

Kiefer arraigned

1/8/2008 3:09:55 PMItawamba

Staff Writer
Alleged kidnapper Jamie Kiefer of Mantachie is out of jail on a $100,000 bond following her arraignment in Itawamba County circuit court last Thursday.Kiefer is charged with kidnapping, burglary of a dwelling, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit burglary in connection with the alleged kidnapping of a one-year-old child in July of last year. Her bond was set by Judge Thomas J. Gardner. She was represented by attorney Edward McNees.Also out on bond are three co-defendants in the case: Joseph Triste, bonded at $100,000 and facing the same charges as Kiefer; Ricky Swann, who also bonded at $100,000 and is charged with conspiracy to commit burglary and accessory after the fact of burglary; and Amanda Bell, who faces the same charges as Kiefer, but whose bond was set considerably lower at $30,000.

Appeared originally in the Itawamba County Times, 1/9/2008, section A , page 1



  1. Suzanne Says:

    Will we ever take care of ill women in this country? We seem so thrilled to steal their children. Why not take care of these families? Postpartum Mood Disorders are real and strike regardless of age or circumstance. We don’t steal babies from women with cancer…why do we steal them from women with PPD.

    Jamie, if you read here, know you have support and another sister out here who supports you.

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