I read this story in the Indianapolis Star. Another woman kills her adopted child. The child is from China. Okay who the hell is approving these homestudies? Which agency is ultimately responsible?

Here is the full story since the Indy Star only leaves it up for a week.

SHERIDAN, Ind. — Rebecca Kyrie always dreamed of adopting a child. Six months after her dream came true, she is accused of killing the Korean baby in a fit of rage.Rebecca R. Kyrie, 28, Sheridan, was being held without bond Friday in the Hamilton County Jail. – Provided by Hamilton County Sheriff’s DepartmentFriday, the 28-year-old Sheridan woman appeared in Hamilton Superior Court in Noblesville to face charges of murder, battery resulting in death, neglect of a dependent resulting in death and aggravated battery.The charges stem from the Sept. 4 death of Hei Min Chung, a 13-month-old girl being adopted by Kyrie and her husband, David.Medical and police authorities claim Kyrie shook the girl so violently that the baby suffered fatal brain injuries.Kyrie was arrested Thursday and is being held without bond in the Hamilton County Jail in Noblesville.The arrest followed a three-month investigation by the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department. It stunned those who know Kyrie, a regular churchgoer who performed dance interpretations of Bible stories at Church of Praise in Eagletown.“I’m just flabbergasted by this all,” said Phyllis Baird, a Sheridan neighbor who recalls how the couple put up a fence when they adopted the girl, whom they had named Chaeli, so she could play in the yard. “I’m sure she didn’t go up and say, ‘I’m going to shake you and kill you.’.”Hei Min Chung, 13 months, died Sept. 4. Police said the girl had been shaken so violently that she suffered fatal brain injuries. (Provided by Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department)Suspect’s mental conditionSheriff’s spokesman Maj. Mark Bowen said Friday that Kyrie offered no explanation for her baby’s condition when she called 911 on Sept. 3 and reported the child was frothing at the mouth.Later, however, she referred to personal problems, according to evidence filed in court.According to the sworn statement by sheriff’s Detective Scott McKinney, Kyrie claimed her child’s doctor “had prescribed Xanax and Lexapro for Mrs. Kyrie for some depression issues that she has had in the past that she was afraid might resurface.”Although Kyrie never acknowledged shaking the child, McKinney said that during a Sept. 4 interview with one of her biological sons, the little boy said “his mommy told him not to tell what happened to Sissy, which is the name he used for Chaeli.”David Kyrie was not implicated in the girl’s death. An employee of an Indianapolis hospital, he was at work when officials believe the injuries were inflicted.“They’d had the child for approximately four months,” Bowen said of the couple, who’d been working with Bethany Christian Services to adopt a child from Korea.“The mother had been caring for the child in the home and had contacted 911 because the child was reportedly having difficulty breathing and was frothing at the mouth.”Baby hospitalizedAfter the baby was taken by ambulance to Riverview Hospital in Noblesville and then moved to St. Vincent Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis, she was diagnosed with a severe brain injury and placed on life support.Chaeli died after she was removed from life support the next day. The recently obtained results of an autopsy show she died from “blunt cranio-cerebral injuries” associated with shaken baby syndrome.The death was ruled a homicide, and on Thursday, sheriff’s investigators obtained a warrant for Kyrie’s arrest.Kyrie has declined media requests for an interview, according to jail officials. Bowen said she has not admitted to shaking the baby, and he said her husband claimed no knowledge of any prior abuse.“It appears to be an isolated incident,” Bowen said.Doctor details injuriesDr. Rick Metz, a pediatric physician at St. Vincent Hospital, determined that Chaeli’s brain was bleeding in the front and back of her head and that she was brain dead, according to Detective McKinney.“Dr. Metz advised that this is a possible case of abusive head trauma, and when asked when the onset of symptoms would occur, Dr. Metz advised that they would occur within minutes to one hour of the abuse,” the detective reported.David Kyrie told investigators that when he telephoned his wife about 5 p.m. Sept. 3, she said Chaeli had been fussy. David Kyrie told detectives that “Chaeli is stubborn and it was hard to get her to do anything.” Sometime after the Kyries talked, the Riverview Hospital chaplain called to tell David Kyrie that Chaeli was being taken to St. Vincent and he should go there, David Kyrie told McKinney.David Kyrie told McKinney that the baby “vomited a lot” after coming here from Korea. Kyrie said she was later diagnosed with nodular gastritis and was on medication. He also said he and his wife had called 911 in July when the child suffered a seizure.State’s DCS notifiedThe Indiana Department of Child Services was notified Sept. 4, and the Kyries were not allowed to have contact with their sons. They moved to a home in Fishers, and the 3-year-old and 5-year-old sons were cared for in the Sheridan home by another family member and friend, Bowen said.At Bethany Christian Services in Indianapolis, part of a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based not-for-profit adoption service with offices in 30 states, branch director Linda Wrestler said confidentiality prevents her from discussing specific cases.She said, however, that every client or couple seeking to adopt faces rigorous scrutiny.The case studies include parents’ written autobiographies, criminal and social services checks, verification of employment and finances, birth certificates, health records and personal references.In conjunction with the background checks, an agency social worker meets several times with the family, including at least once in their home.“We talk about their marriage, their lifestyle, what their child-rearing patterns are, their home and community,” Wrestler said.“One of the big things we’d cover would be the family’s motivation for wanting to adopt.”As her child lay brain dead at St. Vincent — with just a couple of months to go before the adoption agency’s required term of observation would end and the adoption would be finalized — Kyrie shed some light on the question.In a brief reference to her interview with a child protection case manager on Sept. 4, Detective McKinney said, “Mrs. Kyrie advised that it has always been a dream or goal of hers to adopt a child.”Star reporter Chris Sikich contributed to this story.

Call Star reporter James A. Gillaspy at (317) 444-5529.

My Letter to the Indy Star

I write you again about another baby in Indiana. How many adoptees have to suffer? Melanie Addington from Iowa adopted a baby boy from Indiana. She caused permanent brain damage by shaking the boy and slamming him into a wall. Now you have another story where an adoptive mother adopted a baby girl from Korea. She does the same thing but she ends up killing the baby. Was this the same agency? Was this the same social worker that approved this?

Brynden Ayre, a father from the Indianapolis area, is currently fighting for the right to raise his baby girl. The mother jumped two states and then ended up in Utah. He registered in Indiana and Texas. The agency was American Center of Choice. This young man along with Cody O’Dea and Joshua Simmerson are fighting this same agency.This agency was BANNED from Illinois because of this very thing. The Illinois Governor and the State Attorney General both stopped this agency. Why can’t Indiana do the same thing?

These are the very reason why adoption records should be opened to the very folks living adoption. Adoption agencies are getting away with MURDER. No one will stand up for adoptees, natural parents, or adoptive parents (who do it right). No one protects us living adoption. The state of Indiana is violating the privacy rights of those living adoption. The state of Indiana is violating our fourth amendment rights. They are intruding into our right to privacy by interferring into our lives. They are holding our papers in seizure on the presumpton of harm.

When is Indiana going to step up and start protecting us?

SincerelyAmy K. Burt
Formerly of Indianapolis and Marion Indiana

Now whether or not they publish it is another story. They don’t like to print my letters to the editor. I can get published every where else but in my birth state.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    SBS BS has sent many innocent people to prison. Read below then do the homework.


    Then explain to me how a 13 month old baby got the hematoma on both the front of the brain and the back of the brain. Sorry I think she is guilty as hell. I think she should pay dearly for it. She didn’t just betray that baby but the mother of that baby.

  3. Kari Says:

    I grew up with Beccy Kyrie. Her sister was my very best friend. I can’t sit here and tell you she is innocent. I wasn’t there. I will caution you that she is innocent until proven guilty. The last time I saw her was when she was getting ready to go to China to adopt her little girl. She already had two boys and was a great mother. There was nothing but love and excitement in her eyes. Because of her encouragement, it made me think more about adoption.

    I believe, from the little I have read, that you are on your own search. I see your own anger. I just caution you to be careful. We’ll see what comes out in the end. I hope for the best. This is a real family, too, not just a news story. I hurt for the baby. It breaks my heart, as a mohter of three myself.

    I hope you find your peace, and I hope Beccy finds hers.


    I am willing to give anyone a break. Yep I am angry not at my mother but at the system that creates this situation. She was on medication for anxiety and other disorders that her child’s pediatrican prescribed for her.

    I hold adoptive parents to a higher level. When she did this, she betrayed not just her child but the biological mother of that child. Korean mothers are also searching for their children. Can you imagine that heartache?

    All of this because her daughter was fussy and didn’t want to mind her. Do you know any 13 month child that minds and isn’t fussy at times? I don’t and I know that both of mine have been that way at that age. I didn’t lose my cool and shake mine to death.

    I have spoken with thousands of natural mothers and fathers in the last two years. I have read thousands of natural mother stories. When you have Allison Quets, Stephanie Bennett, and many other mothers still being robbed of their children, how can I not be angry? That commenter is very honestly the people that have Stephanie Bennett’s daughter. I tracked it down via the sitemeter at the end of this blog. I am sickened at what adoption has become. Maybe she didn’t mean for this to happen. I have done my research into adoption. The agency should have provided more support for her and her child, but they got their money and they are home free. Bethany along with Gladney and the LDS social services are the worst of the worst. I am not just upset at her but at the agency who didn’t do their job.

  5. Gershom Says:

    Hei Min Chung lost her life. May SHE find her peace.

  6. shlshl97 Says:

    from the Indystar’s report, it looks like Hei-min Chung was from Korea.

    someone commented, “The last time I saw her was when she was getting ready to go to China to adopt her little girl.”

    was Chung adopted from Korea or China? it’s not the same place people!

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