This is the Saddle of Our Hearts.

The black leggins were made for the ranch manager. Nice huh!!!

The pillows are the Colors of Coleman.

The blanket of course is the Mother and Child Reunion.

Of course us.



  1. Mary Says:

    Wonderful crafts! When do you have the time?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Waaaay Cool Amy! Nice crafts.


  3. Amyadoptee Says:

    I usually work on it in my spare time. Yes I do get some of that. It is a way for me to relax and unwind.

  4. mia Says:

    Beautiful Amy!!!! The crafts AND your family!!!

  5. slyoung Says:

    Love the pics, of you and your family, especially, but your handwork is excellent. Made me want to drag out my needle and get to work again. Sorry that the reason for them is so awful, but something beautiful often comes from pain. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  6. MOL_Am_Ris Says:

    What a lovely family.

    I couldn’t wait to see these pics, and I am not disappointed! You’re very talented.

    Thank you so much for sharing your creativity and your family with us.

  7. Ungrateful Little Bastard Says:

    I love these pictures. You are all SO BEAUTIFUL

  8. iris eyes Says:

    lovely artwork, and lovely family..

  9. HeatherRainbow Says:

    Thank you Amy! I am posting it on the Allison site, unless you have objections. You have a beautiful gift!!

  10. Amyadoptee Says:

    Go right a head. I felt that I owed to her to keep her story fresh. I coincided on this weekend.

  11. Anh Ta Says:

    Hello, Amy. Anh from Productdose here. Just wanted to tell you again I am sorry I caused any hurt or anger on your part over my flippant comments. I do sympathize quite a bit with the issues adoptees have to face. I have several friends who are adoptees from abroad and have a close friend who is an American adoptee. They all deal with abandonment issues. It does piss me off when celebrities treat adoption so casually. Especially third-world adoption, which makes it seem as if American orphans aren’t as deserving of good homes as children elsewhere. These issues are complicated and I don’t pretend to understand them in the slightest. But I do want you to know I intend no harm. My remarks are meant to, hopefully, entertain and I know sometimes I will ruffle some feathers. I didn’t think the Productdose forum was an appropriate venue to express my views on this important matter so I found your blog. Thanks for reading.

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