Now this really bugs me. Not only do they refer to the child as an”it.” They also used the child to pay for hospital bills. This is just sickening and mortifing. There is something just wrong with this thought. After having researched first mother stories across this country, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, I know that many women were in fact threatened in just this manner. It blows my mind. A child becomes a means to pay for a bill. Something just plain wrong in that.

HYDERABAD, March 15: A poor couple has given away their new-born baby to a childless couple because they could not pay the hospital bill for the birth, the mother said on Thursday.Mohammad Hanif and his wife Hakimzadi gave away their five-day-old son to the childless couple who paid Rs4,500 ($75) bill to the hospital.“We already have six children while three others died because we could not care for them. At least this child will be taken care of,” Hakimzadi told Reuters at her home in Tando Adam.“It is our child and we can do what we want with it,” she said.DPO Zafar Iqbal said police were investigating but they had been told by the couple who took the child the baby had been adopted.“The couple gave it to them for adoption as they don’t have any child after 20 years of marriage,” he said.Hakimzadi said her husband was a labourer and a chronic tuberculosis patient who could not afford to feed their other children properly.—Reuters



  1. Ungrateful Little Bastard Says:

    Good God.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    this is not the most appropriate place to post this comment but…it made my6 rambling raging mind “think”..i surrendered my daughter for adoption…”savior and selfless woman that iam/was” barf…the adoption is not yet final(contesting)…AGENCY? A CHOSEN/STOLEN CHILD…YEP…GOOD OLE PATRICIA STROWBRIDGE!!!! anyway…another example of corruption? she told me to file for medicaid as this was a high risk pregnancy and i had no health insurance and could not work either…so i did…well then she insists that i fly to FL to have my child…i do…after all….she is treating me tenderly and i have no one else to turn too…guess what 10 months later??? i am being sued from hell to breakfast for medical bills because i live in mississippi and the hospital in Fl wont accept MS medicaid…gee…wonder why she forgot to tell me that??? she of course keeps blowing me off…the hospital, MS and FL medicaid keep directing me back to her…sooooo….looks like i “gave away” my daughter and still get the bill to boot!!!! sick b*tch!!!! i hope she reads this post!!!!

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