A-2768 (Cohen) Expands identity theft statues to include selling, manufacturing, possessing, or exhibiting false birth certificates. Signed into law as P.L.2005, c.224
This little bit kind of bugs me. What are amended birth certificates if not lies and falsified documents. Isn’t this a contradiction in terms?

The bill could potentially encourage some birth parents to surrender their children under the Safe Haven law to preserve their privacy, rather than give their children up for adoption and subject themselves to the requirements of the bill.

This assumes a hostile relationship between mother and child. This assumes that mothers will just rush to those safe haven places. Most parents are reasonable folks that love their children. How about making resources available that help women either keep their children or place them in an enviroment that allows them to have contact. Placing their children up for adoption, the women from the sixties, seventies and eighties will tell you that it tore them up.

The bill has an overall chilling effect on adoptions in that it will likely discourage people, both those giving children up for adoption and those seeking to adopt children, from pursuing the adoption process in light of the loss of a confidentiality shield.

Actually if you look at Oregon. Its had quite the opposite effect. Its promoted adoptions. There hasn’t been any legal ramifications from stalked first parents. Most people are respectful of others feelings on these things. WE are afterall adults and We can handle ourselves like adults.

The bill will have a negative effect on women in the process of adoption or are currently pregnant and have already decided to give up a child for adoption. Confidentiality was likely a key factor in their incredibly difficult decision-making process and such confidentiality would likely be lost under the provisions of the bill.

In case you haven’t noticed. Many adoptions are open. In case you haven’t noticed most women want to know how their children are doing these days. Most adoptive parents, first parents, and adoptees want honesty in their lives. They are tired of the lies of adoption agencies and attorneys. They now want to control what happens in their lives. We are tired of you trying to control what we think, feel, want, and need. I view you as wanting that God almight dollar that is earned off our backs.



  1. Anonymous Says:

    What makes them think that confidentiality was “likely a factor”? Where did they get these ideas?


    They are listenting to hype of NCFA. The NJ Bar Association is actually somewhat more liberal than the Catholic Charities and the NCFA which actually lobby against open records.

    I think its interesting that they didn’t expect the moms of the past to actually step and say no. They were making these promises more to these women’s families (their parents). Eventually the mothers will drown out their opinions on this. The adoption agencies are very afraid of being sued. To listen to the way that they treated these women, they should be.

  3. iris eyes Says:

    confidentiality was likely a factor for the agencies. they have lots to hide.

    Lying is a sin.Where is god when we need him/her?

  4. Rebecca Says:

    I have two different friends that were adopted here in Oregon. One has gotten her info, the other hasn’t. Just having the OPTION has brought them tremendous peace. To have an obstacle removed from your path, whether or not it’s the path you want to go down, is still one less hurdle you have to conquer. Love what you post and how it makes me think. Hugs, Rebecca

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