I came across a blog a couple of days ago. This woman commented wrongly on an article that many of my readers are all dismayed and horrified at the end results. Rashad Head is the birth father in the sad story. The birth mother gave the child up for adoption without any consideration for his rights as a parent. The adoption agency called and wanted his consent to the adoption. He refused. His son was sent anyway to a couple in Florida. This kind of story is the type that used to happen or so many thought. This young man followed all the rules in place in Georgia. He also stood beside the mother through out the pregnancy. So he isn’t one of those that “abandoned” his child or his girlfriend. This kid is a good honorable young man. When one of my fellow bloggers commented on the blogger’s lack of education on adoption and how this young man did everything right. This was the woman’s response to FauxClaud.

FauxClaud said…

Adoption does not support Motherhood. And adopton agencies use the lack of clear law for fathers to totally seamroll over any father’s wishes in order to finalize a “sucessful” adoption and put the profit in their pocket.If caring about women’s right is something that is important to you, then you shoud really look futher into the truth of adoption …becasue really there are very few issues that rape women of their motherhood quite like it.The father’s wanting to parent thier children, even if teens, are not the problem..the angencies that enable this to happen are.

NYMOM said…

“…The father’s wanting to parent thier children, even if teens, are not the problem…”Oh but yes they are. They are trying to give themselves undeserved rights through the courts…rights which historically men never had anywhere and aren’t entitled to now…That’s precisely the problem. That teenage recreational sperm donor should have had no more right to contest that adoption then the man in the moon…none…AND what the ultimate result of these collective actions by men will be is that there will no more adoption, more abortions or teenage girls deciding to keep infants that would have had a much better life being adopted.This is precisely the fault of the greed and control issues of men. Trying to ‘bogart’ woman and children through the power of the state and give themselves undeserved rights that God, evolution and/or nature has already decided the male of the species is not entitled to, as their investment in the entire bringing forth life process is minimal…More selfishness of men destroying the lives of others…that’s what this is about, don’t try to blame ‘adoption agencies’…They have helped millions of kids over the years get into good homes and if they make some money off of the process so what????

Now I left two responses and this woman has yet to post them and respond to them. Can we please educate this woman on the not so fine points of adoption?


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  1. iris eyes Says:

    Believe it or not, we had a legislator here in my state who tried to make all teenage sex…illegal…a crime….just a few years ago.

    There is a mindset like that.

    This woman who hates teenagers, probably because they are fertile and she isn’t, is dangerous and , unfortunately, there are a lot like her out there..

  2. iris eyes Says:

    I read some more on her blog and it looks like she just doesn’t like men. Maybe she is ignorant about adoption issues and thinks that adoption ‘saves babies” from their fathers.

  3. Lindafisk Says:

    You can’t educate those who do not want to be. You will just waste your time and breath. If it doesn’t directly involve them- they will never get it because they cannot see the truth.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Well wuntcha know.

    I wouldn’t waste your energy trying to convince her. You’re right Linda.

  5. mia Says:

    If her daughters were sons and those sons had babies they would not be called recreational sperm donors. They would be called fathers. Dont waste your time on this one.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    this lady is sick. she hates men and it comes through loud and clear with her opinions. what happened lady, did some man do you wrong, now it’s your life’s ambition to destroy and downgrade men? Many men are good fathers, and I admire this young man for standing up for his rights. So sorry for you that you didn’t have a man in your life like this young man. Get over it!

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