I have had most of the weekend to reflect on what has transpired for me this week. Thursday I cried all day. It was hard to keep from it. Friday I was ticked off. Today I am reflective. I was asked about why my blog is a little bit politics and a little bit diary. I guess I have been someone’s secret all my life. I was created in a secret. I was adopted as a secret. I won’t live my life as a secret. I want all members of the triad to stand up and be proud. We have nothing and I mean nothing to be ashamed of. Secrets are the one thing in my life that I absolutely hate.


6 Responses to “THE THOUGHT FOR THE DAY”

  1. petunia Says:

    There ais a need for us to know. I don’t know why but we ahve to know the answers. She has to know also. This has been something for her to fear her whole adult life. The fear that it will be found out. That her kids will see her as a bad woman, that her community will think she’s bad. This has loomed over her for years. Give her a chance to get over all those fears and all those battles. It may take her time. It may take her kids getting older….but she will face her demons eventually. She asked about you—that’s a good sign she’s thought all these years……i pray she comes to terms with it all. I know it’s important to know where you came from. I had to know too.

  2. Heartened Says:

    I admire your strength in speaking up and speaking out. Your voice is needed and no matter how another may try and make you feel, your accomplishments MEAN SOMETHING!! Just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts.

  3. Cookie Says:

    You’re also in my thoughts too, Amy. All those fears that Petunia mentions were ones I had – but they were mostly unfounded. Such irony – almost nothing that I feared and worried about for years came to pass – nearly everyone took my news well and reached out to love and support me. Let’s hope that your other mother is able to deal with this soon and receives positive support from those around her.

    And yes, keep speaking out – we all need to!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I feel so sorry that your (birth)mother does not want to know you.I hope that changes when she accepts she is not the only one who carried this “secret” many years. It might help to suggest she talk to other (birth)mothers of her era, Baby Scoop Era, so that she might understand what a miricle it is for us to have our “lost” children back in our lives again.

  5. everyscarisabridge Says:

    Thanks so much for blogging – I appreciate your honesty and openness.

  6. Heartened Says:

    Amy, just checking in to see how you’re doing. So – how ya doin’?

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