I was watching the news over the last couple of days. One in particular amazed me. Al Sharpton is actually condemning pastors for not tolerating gays. I am very proud of you, my man. Another piece of information is in Maryland the marriage law was struck down as unconstitutional. Thank you. One disappointing bit of news, though, a woman’s last wish to leave her partner her pension was denied because she was gay. I worry about stuff like that because those kind of decisions can affect others. I got the opportunity to speak with a birthmother that wanted to leave her pension to her daughter after she died. Well I guess the information that I gave her might just be wrong.

I want gays to have the right to marry or have unions because I want them to help with the crisis in the foster care system. So many of them are so willing to do it but states are creating laws that would not allow them to foster or even adopt children.

I was reading in a message board on Court TV where one person actually promoted institutions as a way to house all the children abandoned. I made a reply back about how institutions affect children. How do I know? I have read tens of social histories and case histories of children who were in institutions. If normal adoptees (if we can be called that) suffer from mild forms of attachment disorders, I know that these children suffer from severe forms of it. I am also a mental health worker at a mental health hospital.

Even though I am for a woman’s right to choose, I am also concerned about a child’s right to thrive after birth. We as a country need to protect these children from harm. Before prospective parents go searching for a baby, I wish that they would go to the foster care system. Maybe that should be a requirement for those interested in adoption.


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  1. klassyfide Says:

    so glad to find your blog…

    “Even though I am for a woman’s right to choose, I am also concerned about a child’s right to thrive after birth.”

    Or, as I prefer to out it: I am pro-choice BECAUSE I want every child to be a wanted child!

    With an overpoulated planet, rampant child absue, and kids going hungry world-wide and in the US, and thousands of kids in ofster care who need homes…

    I don’t get the obession with saving every unwanted EMBRYO – sorry! (Make that every WHITE embryo.) What are we to do…FORCE women to bear children they don’t want to give them to other women who in many cases waited to long to begin trying, or have an STD … so they can have their perfect white, healthy newborn instead of an older or non-white child or sibling fgroups when they claim to be “desperate” to be parents?

    That rings too much of The Handmadid’s Tale.

    Adoption SHOULD be about finding homes for kids – not finding kids for the infertile.

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