Adoptee Rights

I am an adoptee from Indianapolis, Indiana. Most Americans have the basic right to know their heritage and their medical history. I and others like me do not have that right. I am angry about it. I am tired of searching and hoping. I don’t need to have a relationship with my natural family but I would like to. I have government officials stopping me. I would like to know my medical history and my heritage. I wrote several senators and congress members from Indiana but they stopped me. I was not a constituent from Indiana. I can’t even have a voice in the decisions made about my life. I know that I can affect the changes here in the state that I live in. The secrets need to be opened up. The laws need to be changed. Everyone in this adoption triad need to be freed from the guilt associated with this nasty term “adoption.” My natural parents don’t need to feel guilt and shame in what they did forty years. It was and still is a natural function in life. I have life because of them. My life has been enriched by my adoptive parents. I just want my life further enriched by knowing all of my family. I have heard that that people like Pat Robertson want to shut down the laws that have opened adoption files across American. He says that it causes more abortions. That is simply not the case. Most natural parents want to know that their children are fine and doing well in their new lives. Most natural parents love their children as much as the adoptive parents.


2 Responses to “Adoptee Rights”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I also think every person has a right to know who their bparents are. Can’t it be argued that we have a medical/health right to such information? Can someone in Indiana write on your behalf?

    Secrets are more damaging than the truth. Whatever pain is associated with the truth diminishes once the truth is revealed.

  2. Manuela Says:

    Fellow adult adoptee blogger here… I followed a series of links to my site and ended up here. I’m really interested in your story… so I’ve gone back to the beginning… I may comment along the way…

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